Father’s Day Blog Series: Men of Pure Romance

Shannon and Steve Hamaker celebrated their 10th anniversary last April. They have two children named Foy and Jett, ages 7 and 2. They live in Fort Collins, CO.

Describe three responsibilities you take on to help out with the kids and/or your wife’s Pure Romance business.

1. Before her parties, I load up the van with all of her product bins, so she is not in a rush to load all of her products and get out the door. I know how many times she has to load and unload so I try to lighten the load on her.

2. Shannon’s parties usually end around 9 or 10 PM and she stays up after she gets home to place orders, etc. Both of our young boys get up pretty early (6 AM). I like to get up with them and make breakfast so she can sleep a little longer before she starts her day.

3. I often try to help her ship packages, get order forms or guest materials ready for her party, and even design special party invites for her.

What are your secrets to a successful marriage? 

Shannon and I have been married for 10 years and every year presents a new challenge. We have both learned that the only way to adapt and survive those challenges is effective communication. We try to sit down every Sunday and plan the week. We go on dates a couple of nights a month. I have found that just giving my wife some form of non-sexual physical contact can do wonders for both of us. Long hugs in the kitchen while we’re making dinner. Giving her a back or foot massage. Snuggling with her in our back yard hammock on a warm Spring day. You would be amazed how much more secure you’ll both feel.

What is something you admire about your wife – please explain/describe?

I admire so many things about Shannon. The one thing I really admire is her passion to make other people happy and successful. When Shannon first started doing Pure Romance, I honestly had no idea how much she was changing lives and how she would continue her journey for 10 amazing years! She is SO giving, caring and sympathetic to everyone around her. Every time I meet new girls on her team they always tell me how much they love Shannon and how amazing she is. I 100% agree with them! She is truly amazing and touches so many lives.


Marriage in this modern-day-society can be a difficult thing to manage, especially when you are a hard-working businesswoman. What are some secrets that you practice in your marriage to build into your relationship? Obviously he’s a keeper!

We both know that there is a mutual respect for each other and that is ALWAYS there despite any frustrations. There is nowhere to go but up, and we are going together! We keep one another in check by setting our goals together every year. We talk about what we want for our personal, business, and family goals each year. That way we can support each other and have a clear vision on what we both want for the family.


We love to have a good time together, too! Steve keeps me laughing and is not afraid to be goofy and let loose. We love going on dates to themed parties, skiing, concerts, hikes and bike rides. Sometimes just a simple coffee date ends up in laughter, and is much needed to stay connected.

We also grow together through parenting classes, church small groups, and recently just started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace classes. It is hard work to have a healthy marriage, but so worth it!

Do you have anything special planned to celebrate Father’s Day?

YES! The Ben Folds Concert at Red Rocks! We are so excited!!!

You have screamed your husband’s name and made it obvious that he has been a wonderful supporter of you, your family and your business. Can you give me a story about how he has supported you?

Too many stories to tell! Aside from loading my car for every party and taking on bedtime routines with our boys?!  Well, one of the sweetest things Steve ever did was at World Conference 2014; right before the Awards Night, he gave me a necklace to congratulate me on making Board of Directors. It wasn’t the necklace that was the best part – it was what he said that made it even more special. Steve told me he was proud of me and he knew I had worked hard to get there. We had recently moved and it was a time of change for us so it meant that much more to me.


I often will hear Steve telling others about what I do for a living, and he has such a respect for the mission of Pure Romance that I can hear it in his voice! He is great at marketing for me!

My thoughts: These two “get it.” If you’re reading this and you have a partner on the fence about you getting into this business, Steve would be a great person to talk to about it. He sees beyond the moneymaking side of Pure Romance, he realizes the value that Shannon brings to others by helping couples maintain their relationships, and educating them on healthy intimacy and sexual health. We all want to play an important role in this life, and being able to show your significant other that you’re not only successful, but you’re also changing lives is huge!

Steve celebrates the successes not only of Shannon, but all of the women on her team. When other women share their stories of empowerment, Steve is so proud of their achievement. His support of the entire team further underlines the depth of his caring for Shannon’s team and his unwavering support of her business.

While Steve and Shannon have individual goals, business goals, and goals for their family. Their strong family unit allows them to take on whatever obstacles come their way. Their keys to success are that Steve is an excellent example to his two sons for how a woman deserves to be treated; and Shannon has defined her boundaries and has shown by putting herself first she hasn’t distracted from her family and their needs.

Steve and Shannon clearly have what it takes to keep the love alive, which is the best gift they can give their children. It’s easy for some  men to get the wrong idea about what a woman needs when it comes to romance (after all, that’s why Pure Romance has been educating couples for over two decades!). Steve’s point that just a hug or affectionate touch here and there or the ability to make you partner laugh can keep that spark burning. And that’s not the only way they keep the passion alive. They share adrenaline-rush activities that add excitement to their partnership. Studies have shown that those who confront fears together, like skydiving or roller coasters, also strengthen their bond just by going through it together.

Something tells me these two will be hiking, biking and partying even when they have great grandchildren running around. And thank goodness for that. Life would be a lot more boring without people like this in it!

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