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What the Foundation Does

In just three weeks we’ll be at the 12th annual Patty Brisben Foundation Gala, celebrating the great work that specialists across the world do to advance women’s sexual health. It’s a fun evening, of course, but while we’re having fun, we’re there for a serious cause: Raising money to help organizations around the world help women improve their sexual health.

The organizations we’ve helped include Cancer Family Care with a grant for counseling for women dealing with cancer and its impact on their sexual health; the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute with funding for a study and intervention program to help restore sexual health and improve the quality of life for women treated for ovarian cancer; the Maricopa Health Foundation, helping develop a culturally-informed educational program promoting sexual health among Somali and Swahili-speaking refugee women; and the University of California San Francisco, funding a research study into the development of a therapeutic yoga program for female genito-pelvic pain.

The list of grant recipients is long (you can see it on our website, but the need is longer. Women across the world need the sexual health education that you can help provide with your donations, not just now with the fundraiser coming up, but throughout the year.

We hope you have the chance to attend our Gala, or contribute to the Foundation with our Virtual Queen Bee 4-Miler. Any way you can, we hope you can support our cause and we thank you for thinking of the Patty Brisben Foundation. Want more information? Just go to on ways to help. And thank you in advance for supporting women’s sexual health!

Beating Stress During Stressful Times

Does it feel to you sometimes that the whole world has gone off kilter? It seems as if we had just absorbed the shock of the Texas hurricane, and now Florida is the latest state to be hit by a massive storm. Both areas face weeks, if not months, of cleanup and rebuilding. Add to that earthquakes in Mexico and wildfires out West, and you just want to scream, “Enough!”

You’re not the only one to feel stressed out in this stressful world. Whether it’s taking a walk, doing yoga or just taking a deep breath, all can help you de-stress during difficult times.

Debbie Gisonni, business coach and author, penned an article for our friends at the Huffington Post on “7 Ways to Cope When Times Are Tough.” Among her suggestions are:

  1. Be Grateful. “There is something to be grateful for in every minute of every day,” Gisonni writes. “When you make a list of everything that’s great in your life, your one problem may not seem so terrible.”
  2. Call upon friends. “Research shows that social connections have a positive effect on well-being,” according to Gisonni. “Reach out to friends and let them know what you’re going through.
  3. “Laughter is as much of an emotional release as crying,” she says. “Give yourself permission to laugh, even when times are rough.”

I’d like to add to that, give yourself permission to have a little ‘me’ time. Whether it’s soaking in the tub with our Skinny Dip Body Wash & Bubble Bath or enjoying some Body Silk Skin Moisturizer, take a little time to pamper yourself. The extra 10 minutes you give yourself can help you recharge to face the day.

To all our friends facing challenges out there, we want you to know that we are thinking of you. And you can read more of the article at

What Women Really Want

While we’re still officially in summer, you might have noticed that the nights are getting longer and chillier, and we’re heading to cooler weather, just perfect for cuddling up with your significant other.

So a recent study led by our Pure Romance medical contributor, Debby Herbenick, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, is especially timely. The study, published in USA Today and featured on CNN, was recently published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. It surveyed 1,055 women ages 18 to 94 about their sex lives and sexual preferences.

No surprise, what women look for in their sexual encounters is different with each person. For example, only 18.4% of the women surveyed said intercourse alone was enough to make them orgasm. The study also showed that the women had varying preferences in how they preferred sex.

“Sometimes, when people are first getting together, they spend time making out…long before they start having oral sex or intercourse with each other,” Herbenick told CNN. “All too often, once oral sex and intercourse become part of their routine, the rest fades away.”

That’s why, as Consultants, it’s more important than ever for all of us to listen to what our clients tell us. They may be shy at first to talk about such intimate details, but it’s important for you to lead them to this discussion. That way, you can recommend various Pure Romance products that can help them spark their love life.

Want to read more about the study? Visit here and stay a student!

The Culture of Giving Back

Over these last few days I, just like you, have been glued to the television, watching the tragedy that is unfolding in the Houston area. With rain and flooding, the likes of which no one has ever seen, it’s a time that we all come together to help neighbors, friends, strangers. That’s what we do, help others in their time of need.

We as a company will be looking at ways to help those who live in the Houston area as the days unfold. And we’ll certainly keep you informed on how you can join in the relief effort in Texas.

But today, I’d like to remind you of how you can help a cause that, of course, is close to my heart, the Patty Brisben Foundation, and the work that we help fund around the globe. For example, did you know that nearly half of all women experience sexual difficulties at some point in life? Despite this, most healthcare providers receive very little training when it comes to sexuality, and even less in the area of female sexual health.

That’s why I am so passionate about the Foundation. We direct resources and fund research to advocate for women’s sexual health. We become a voice for women who can’t express their issues, are too shy to discuss problems with their doctor or don’t have medical resources readily available to them.

One easy way to help these women: Be part of our virtual Queen Bee 4-Miler, where you can walk or run four miles, all at once or over time, by yourself or with friends and family, and raise money for the Patty Brisben Foundation. The Queen Bee 4-Miler will be held in our home town of Cincinnati on Saturday, October 7, but you can finish your four miles on your own schedule.

Get more information through our Facebook group, Queen Bee Virtual 4 Miler (benefiting the Patty Brisben Foundation) and sign up here to join fellow consultants from 45 states and two countries who are ready to be Queen Bees and help the Patty Brisben Foundation!

Yes, You Can Have Sex During the Eclipse

Somewhere around midday today (depending on your time zone) most of the United States will get to experience most of, if not a total, solar eclipse. You’ve heard all the warnings about protecting your eyes during the eclipse, but did you know about some of the myths and superstitions involving an eclipse and sex?

According to, all kinds of folklore surrounds an eclipse. In Medieval times, people believed that sex during an eclipse would result in ugly demon-filled children. A modern superstition also has it that a pregnant woman shouldn’t touch her belly during an eclipse. Doing so will cause the baby to be born with a birthmark, the size of which depends on the force of the touch.

USA Today also lists a few more superstitions surrounding an eclipse, including warning pregnant women to not go outside during the eclipse. It’s believed pregnant women who are in the presence of the eclipse could cause their baby to have facial deformities or birth marks.

While there isn’t a proven reason why women who are expecting shouldn’t go outside during the event, we know you’re not supposed to look directly at the eclipse without eye protection. Suffice it to say, there are no proven eclipse-related health concerns specific to pregnant women or their babies.

And here’s one from ABC news about sex and the eclipse that’s particularly interesting: German myth has the cold and lazy male moon ignoring the fiery passionate female sun (!!) during the day most of the time, except for a few bits of passion they share during an eclipse. Then they’d squabble and the sun would resume shining again, doing fine all by herself.

In western Africa, it’s the same theme—the occasional and furtive rendezvous–but this time between the male sun and female moon, with the couple modestly turning out the lights during an eclipse.

At least one enterprising person is looking for love through the eclipse, according to An on-line ad states that the person is looking for “an attractive fit woman 25-45 to go on a five-day vacation to Western North Carolina during the solar eclipse.”

The ad describes a “lakefront penthouse suite at a beautiful B&B” with water sports, hiking and more. (What could go wrong at a B&B for four days with a perfect stranger?) And, at the peak of the eclipse, “it will be completely dark for 2 minutes and 24 seconds.” No word if there are any takers.

No matter how you experience it, a solar eclipse is a rare event that you should check out, but safely. Go ahead–feel free to have sex during the eclipse, despite the myths—and when the eclipse is over, you AND the sun will be glowing!