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Just Breathe!


Consultants reading this know we do what we love, and we work smarter, not harder, doing it.  At our corporate headquarters, it’s no different. We put our heart and soul into everything we do for our Pure Romance family, and sometimes that means there’s little time for resting.

Last month, our staff worked tirelessly, day and night during National Training so we gave back to them with a special thank you – desk-side massages! My motto has always been to make sure you take time to pamper and reward yourself for a job well done. If you’re not healthy, you’re not going to be much help to anyone else – and our business is all about helping others!

One thing I’ve found life changing is yoga, meditation and just breathing and I’m not the only one! Recent Harvard studies found that the brain actually changes after long-term meditation and mindfulness. There have been many times I’ve been working on something at my desk and I stop and realize my shoulders are tense and my breath is short – I’ve learned to let go and let my body be at peace. We also reinforce this with our staff offering meditation and yoga through certified trainers at our office. It helps keep us in check and ultimately balanced and healthy.

Life is moving faster than ever. If you’re a Pure Romance Consultant, I strongly recommend looking into these types of classes in your community. You would be amazed how much it can impact your business. Just focusing on your breathing and releasing stress from your body before a party can make a world of a difference in how your customers respond to you and even your sales! When I’m on the road, I’ve found that a lot of our Consultants are using these wonderful techniques already – it shows they are putting themselves first; that might sound narcissistic to some, but I disagree. There’s an old saying I grew up with: “If Mama ain’t happy, aint’ nobody happy!” and there’s something to be said for that. If we can’t find outlets to get rid of and manage our stress, we just aren’t of use to anyone. That being said…take a few moments and just breathe!



You might have seen this quote on my Facebook page – truly words to live by! Since launching Pure Romance more than three decades ago, there were many times that I could have given up…could have let negativity or fear stop me or stand in my way.  That was never an option. I knew that there was always one more woman who needed a voice – needed someone to give them permission to speak honestly about sexuality – needed to be empowered.

Empowerment is not a one-woman show. It grows stronger when you are able to lean on your friends, family and sister Consultants – especially when challenged. I should add, when it comes to any cause worth fighting for, you will be challenged.

Many women have asked me how I overcame obstacles and remained unstoppable throughout the years. Here are just a few tips from years of experience working in this industry!

  • The pink elephant in the room. We address a topic that is still wrapped in stigma. There will always be someone who is going to be negative about this business. It’s nothing new. Many advocates throughout history have challenged the status quo; do you think Madonna would have had the same effect on the world if she let others stop her from Expressing Herself? Stigmas and negativity never stood in my way. I was doing this for the betterment of women and knew that women needed to make decisions about their sexuality within their very own bedrooms. The most negative people are often the least educated on what Pure Romance is truly about. That’s why we have to push further.
  • Dealing with let downs or disappointment. Regardless of what you do for a living, there will always be disappointments in your work and personal life. Pure Romance Consultants reading this know what it feels like to have a party cancelled or show up to a party with only two people in the room. I tried to look at every negative experience as an opportunity. Sometimes, I found I had better sales when I had a small showing versus a packed house! Not to mention, one of those two guests could end up joining your team as a Consultant. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. That’s when you’re truly unstoppable.
  • Creating your own opportunities! I’ve heard Consultants say things like, “I can never book a party.” Most of the time this is because they aren’t talking about it to others, or showing their enthusiasm about their business. The more you surround yourself with other Consultants, use the online training classes, and show up at local team meetings in your city, the more enthusiastic you will be about your business. Consultants who educate themselves are more confident and fearless when it comes to sharing Pure Romance with others. I was so proud looking out at all of the faces at National Training last month. Everyone was so positive and hungry for more knowledge. Each Consultant came from near and far to learn more so they could ultimately lift others up and bring that same positivity into their lives. Those ladies truly get it!

In just a few weeks, we will connect with all of you again during our Pure Romance Unstoppable Bus Tour September 14th – October 27th. I am so excited to be visiting some of your cities and hearing your stories this Fall.  Our team is bringing the training to you across the country to reconnect with our Consultants and remind them that they, too, are unstoppable on this mission to stand up for other women and change the lives of women.


Dear Mom,

This is the first Mother’s Day without you here.  I keep thinking to myself that I wish I could be taking you to a special brunch this morning, but instead we’ll be celebrating your life and legacy.

I thank God every day that I had the opportunity to be with you during your final days.  Throughout your pain, you continued to be a spirit of hope.  You taught me what it was to fight with dignity.  But most importantly, you shared with me some lessons that have changed my life over the last year.

Life has a funny way of teaching us like that—it was during some of your weakest moments that you taught me life’s greatest lessons.  And for that, I am forever thankful!

Thank you for teaching me that love multiplies.

As a mother, you think you can’t possibly love anyone or anything more than your children.  Then, grandchildren come along and prove you all wrong.

Being a grandma is truly one of life’s greatest gifts and the relationship with a grandchild is one that cannot be put into words. As a grandmother, or as my ten grandkids call me, Mimi, you’re able to love fully with less worry. The pressure of creating the rules or keeping a roof over their head is no longer a distraction. You’re able to live in the moment and cherish your time together.  Thank you for reminding me to make the most of each opportunity I get to be with them.

Thank you for teaching me to be courageous.

You shared with me your regret over not confronting some of the more difficult conversations with your children over the years.  You told me that you wish you would have said and done more.  Please know, that I was listening to each and every word and they’ve helped me to be brave enough to do this with my own children.

As our families continue to grow, we tackle new challenges and changes, and that often means talking with one another through those often-difficult experiences. Although it can be uncomfortable, you reminded me that we have to sometimes continue to be a parent and not a “friend” to our children. We sometimes have to show them how much we truly love them by taking a harder stance.  And most importantly, we have to give our children time to go find themselves and to seek the answers on their own.

 Thank you for teaching me the importance of hard work.

You had the most incredible work ethic.  Mom, you taught me the power of ambition, strength and dedication.  You lead by example and I carried those hard-work lessons with me when I started my own business.

My only wish is that you would have rewarded yourself more and taken more time for you‑you deserved it. I share this lesson with my friends who constantly make everyone else a priority. “It’s okay to treat yourself and put yourself first—you earned it.” And today, on Mother’s Day, I think this message is more important than ever.  Every woman out there (mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, aunts, and any women who gives of herself to mentor others) should do something wonderful for herself today, and I hope someone is doing something thoughtful for you, too.

I wish I had said more of this when you were here. I would love for one more conversation with you so I could tell you all this in person. But I hope you’re celebrating today in Heaven with Grandma Jewel, as you told me she was with you during your final days.

Love you always,


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2016 World Conference


If you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming 2016 World Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida, you’re probably already started packing! While getting together your swimsuits and business cards, don’t forget to come truly ready to learn. World Conference is not only a time to celebrate the incredible achievements of our Consultants, but also an important time to network with other sister Consultants, and learn even more tricks of our trade.

This year, I’m thrilled about the First Time Attendee Rally, reserved especially for those who are attending their very first World Conference! We will be welcoming our veteran Consultants shortly after and ringing in the event in high style with “White Party” fashion attire. I’ve been told I know how to throw a great party, and that will definitely be the case as we welcome our Consultants to walk the pink carpet, dance to a headliner DJ, win prizes, sip cocktails, nibble on hors d’oeuvres and more!

I’m especially excited that we have invited Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the New York Times Bestseller, Eat Pray Love, to speak on Friday, April 1. The book was so popular that it was later adapted for the silver screen for a film by the same title, and both the book and film inspired millions throughout the world. Oprah Winfrey even devoted two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show to it.

We will also be offering some unique learning sessions, including everything from Sex in America, led by Dr. Debby Herbenick, renowned author, research scientist, educator, sex advice columnist, blogger, television personality, professor and human sexuality media expert (quite an impressive list!) to Mastering the Art of the Sale, instructed by Pure Romance National Director Lindsay Wagoner and Senior Director Mallory Bohenblust. We will also be offering an optional Guest Golf Outing for Consultants’ plus-ones and well be providing prizes for the golfers who wow us with their best A-game.

World Conference is by far one of my favorite times of the year. When I was a Consultant years ago, I always looked forward to the opportunity to reconnect with others like me, who running their own businesses and balancing family and other responsibilities. It was awesome to pick their brains, ask each other for advice, and just have fun. That was my time to reap the rewards for all of my hard work and celebrate my peers who had worked just as hard. I LOVE seeing that same excitement in our Consultants’ eyes and having the opportunity to still share in this amazing experience.

Track your Orgasms…?

I recently read an article on, and wanted to share it with all of you. The feature talks about activity tracker “wearables” that may soon allow you to track your orgasms. (Now that I have your attention!) An activity tracker is a device that is used for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as running, walking and sometimes heartbeat or sleep.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.24.32 AM

Imagine the amount of measurable data that could be gathered in regards to sexual health and sexuality with something like this. Think of that woman whose own physician has told her time and time again that issues with sexual pleasure are all in her mind. Being able to share information gathered by this device with your doctor is a good first step in opening up the floor about your sexual health. He or she isn’t with you every day tracking your sexual activity or physical response to intimacy and pleasure; this is an interesting way to allow your health care professional in on that world in a more scientific way.

It also could help increase communication among couples. Being able to openly look at the data gathered by this type of wearable could allow for dialogue that otherwise might have been uncomfortable. On another note, it could even encourage couples to be more intimately active – as we all know, practice makes perfect applies to all aspects in life!

The developers claim that you will also be able to track heartbreak (although many of us would like to forget that as soon as possible).

One wearable that’s been getting mixed media attention over the past few months is the Fitbit. Regardless of your view on whether they do or do not accurately track your heart rate, many do find this type of wearable a good way to stay committed to fitness. In my experience, I found that the FitBit helped keep me on track, get into juicing and make 2016 a year about becoming a better, healthier me – not just about losing weight. I’m hoping something like this new wearable could have the same effect on couples and help enhance sexual health and awareness in the process.