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Join Us for a Great Cause!

This is perhaps the most exciting week of the year for the Patty Brisben Foundation, and maybe the most hectic, as we put the final touches on what we think will be a fantastic evening for the 13th annual Patty Brisben Foundation Gala coming up Saturday evening at Greenacres Arts Center.

As you know, this is the major fundraiser of the year for the Foundation, which supports women’s sexual health and well-being through research and education. Last year we raised more than $240,000 for research and advancements in women’s sexual health, and we want this year to be just as big!

This year’s theme, “New York State of Mind,” should be lots of fun for our guests, but we want to remind everyone that there is a serious mission behind our event: To raise awareness and funding for important matters involving women’s sexual health.

Our hashtag, #sexualhealthmatters, has brought that mission home with our speaker series held in Cincinnati when we bring in sexual health experts and medical professionals to discuss resources for issues impacting women’s sexual health. The series has been a big success so far, and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

If you have your tickets to Saturday’s Gala, we’ll see you there! If not, we have a few tickets available—just visit the Patty Brisben Foundation Facebook page to learn more. And to find out what we do to help women around the world, click on And we’ll see you at the party!

It’s Time to Speak Up!

When it comes to women’s health, there’s never a good time to be quiet. But sometimes, we’re a little hesitant to talk with our doctors about our concerns. If you’ve faced that, you’re not alone.

In an article this spring in the New York Times, author Camille Noe Pagán found that it’s an issue not uncommon in examination rooms. “It’s a huge issue in medicine,” says Dr. Tia Powell, a bioethicist and a professor of clinical epidemiology and population health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. She explains in the article that she speaks of experience.

“A while back, I lost 10 pounds over a couple months, so I went to my doctor and told him I thought it was a sign I was having a recurrence of an old illness,” she said. He gave me a few reasons he disagreed and added, “Plus you’ve been on a diet.”

Since Dr. Powell had never mentioned she’d been on a diet, she sought a second opinion that confirmed her diagnosis of the recurrence, for which she was treated.

Pagán cites some eye-opening information in her article, including research that shows both doctors and nurses prescribe less pain medication to women after surgery than men, even though women report more frequent and more severe pain levels. A survey of more than 2,400 women with chronic pain also showed that more than 80% felt they had experienced gender discrimination from health care providers.

So what do you do if you feel your doctor isn’t hearing you? Dr. Powell suggests asking for definitive reasons for the physicians’ actions.  “A good physician can have biases,” says Dr. Powell. “But a good physician should also be able to take a step back and say, ‘I hear you. Let’s talk this through.’”

We as women like to power through pain, deferring to the health needs of our families before our own. But every once in a while, it’s vital to take charge of our own health when we’re talking with our doctors. Better to speak up now, than to wait too late.

Want to read more from the NYT article? Here’s the link:

Women’s Sexual Health: It’s a Good Investment

Most of us are fortunate in that good health care is available for most of us. But in some areas around the world, others are not so fortunate. And when it comes to women’s sexual health, in some places the options are even fewer.

You know that the Patty Brisben Foundation is committed to women’s sexual health, and especially serving women in areas of the world that are underserved. It’s not just the right thing to do—it’s the right investment to make.

The Guttmacher Institute published a study last year on the benefits of investing in sexual and reproductive health, and the reasons are clear: Fewer unintended pregnancies, fewer maternal and newborn deaths and greater control for women over their own reproductive lives.

The costs can be staggering, according to the study: Gaps in sexual and reproductive health care account for nearly one fifth of the worldwide burden of illness and premature death, and one third of illness and death among women of reproductive age. The study concludes that millions of lives and millions of dollars could be saved with cost-effective investments.

The Patty Brisben Foundation is helping fund research and is making investments that can save lives, but we can only do it with your help. Our 13th annual gala coming up on Saturday, October 13 is our major fundraiser to support women’s sexual health around the world. We can’t help women and save lives without you, and we hope that you can join us for a great cause. Find out more about the evening at, and we’ll see you on the 13th!

Want to read more about the study on why women’s sexual health is a good investment? Check it out here.

The Seasons of Your Sex Life

This Saturday, September 22, we in the northern hemisphere will say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Besides bringing in crisper temperatures, falling leaves and, yes, pumpkin spice-flavored everything, fall can give us a boost in our sex lives.

Researchers in Norway found that autumn is the season when our levels of testosterone—for both men and women—are higher than at any other time of the year. Specifically, October and November are the months where testosterone seems to be at its peak. So when the temperatures cool off, we seem to heat up!

But wait, there’s more! A study in the journal Perception shows that men think women’s bodies are more attractive in cooler weather. And back to that that pumpkin spice flavor: Researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch reports that just the smell of pumpkin pie can make men more sexually aroused, often because the smell reminds them of happy holiday memories.

One more couples fact: Seasonal patterns of relationships in Facebook profiles show that in summer, there are more breakups or seasonal hookups. In the fall, however, Facebook status posts tend to lean toward “In a Relationship,” indicating that it’s not just spring when a young man’s fancy turns to love—but it can happen in the fall, as well!

You can read more about the changing of the seasons and your love life here.

A Woman’s Work is Never Done

We hope you and your family celebrated Labor Day this week with some quality time together. But the annual holiday to honor the American work force got me thinking about our Consultants and the contributions they make to their own families by owning their own Pure Romance business.

Here are some sobering figures for you: In 2017, the ratio of women’s to men’s weekly earnings was 81.8 percent—that means for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes just under 82 cents for the equivalent job. That’s a drop of 0.1 percentage point since 2016, by the way!

The study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research also shows that women’s median weekly earnings in 2917 were $770, compared with $941 for men. If you follow the progression of the wage gap as it trends now, the study shows it would take until 2059 for women and men to reach earning parity!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on still be working in 2059, and I especially don’t plan on working for less money! That’s why I am so honored to be associated with so many terrific Consultants around the world who not only value their leisure time, but their work time as well.

Because Consultants know what their job is worth: It’s worth extra income to their families to pay the bills and have a little left over at the end of the month; it’s worth the time that a flexible schedule allows to take the kids to school, to watch them play soccer, to be there when they come home; it’s worth the peace of mind, knowing you’re doing your best to provide for your loved ones.

Perhaps a woman’s work IS never done but a woman’s work is valued by her family, her colleagues, her friends. We at Pure Romance are so lucky to have our amazing Consultants working for us, but more importantly, working for themselves. So Happy Labor Day every day!!!

Want to read more about the wage gap? Check out the full study by Pew Research.