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Work Hard, Play Hard

pattyblogthinkhardworkhardAfter returning from the Pure Romance Consultant incentive trip to Miami, Florida, this past month, I couldn’t help but think back to what business incentives meant to me when I was first starting my career.

In the late ’80s, I was a top-selling Consultant for Fun Parties, and I’ll never forget the day that I earned my very first car allowance. At the time, I was driving what my kids called the “junker,” and with that new bonus I was finally able to walk into a dealership and buy my dream car, a cherry red Dodge Daytona right off the showroom floor! It had a sunroof, and I got personalized license plates that read: FUNPTY. I was so proud of this accomplishment and couldn’t wait to drive to my children’s school to pick them up. To this day, I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when they saw me pull up in our new shiny car. Continue reading

Be Your Best Advocate

PBF Final Blog PhotoI recently scheduled a meeting on behalf of The Patty Brisben Foundation For Women’s Sexual Health with a psychiatrist who works with abused women with pain so deep, sometimes they don’t even have a clear understanding of the origin of the pain or how to resolve it. During the meeting, she asked me, “Patty, do you ever have women who come to Pure Romance Parties who have confided that they don’t even want to be touched?” The answer was a resounding “Yes.”  When these women began to open up to me and our Consultants about sexual health issues that they didn’t even feel comfortable discussing with their own healthcare providers, I knew we had to do something and I launched my foundation shortly after.  Continue reading

True Love is Selfless

Selfless Love Collage

What comes to mind when you think about the word selflessness? Do you think of new parents learning to shift their focus from themselves to their newborn’s needs? Maybe you think of volunteers who compassionately carve out time to help others despite their busy schedules. There are so many ways that people are selfless every day. I know in my own life, watching my mother struggle with cancer with such grace and thoughtfulness for those around her has been a constant daily reminder of how to be selfless.  She always jokes to keep smiles on our faces, and while most people would understandably dwell on their pain or anger in this circumstance, she instead maintains a positive attitude to encourage others.  Continue reading

Embracing Transitions

Transitions Blog“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That is a question nearly all of us have experienced at some point in our lives, but what is “grown up?” I believe we should always strive to reinvent ourselves and move through transitions our entire lives. Someone in their fifties or even seventies has just the same right as a teenager or college student to change gears in their career, or chase a long-held dream. Inspiration is all around us, and sometimes you just have to look for it – I assure you, it’s there. Every morning, I seek lessons to learn, as well as the grace to recognize them when they are placed in front of me.

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You are the Sun

Love yourself collage

As we head into the month of romance, and my grandchildren begin to think about what paper valentines they should choose for their class party and couples secure flower bouquets and dinner reservations, I begin to think about love and relationships! Our lives revolve around our relationships, some of them romantic, those that we have with our family, friends, co-workers and others, those that are complicated and those that are simple. My thoughts reminded me of a question I had asked myself many years ago: “Why do we have such different experiences when it comes to our relationships?”

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