5 Perks of Being Single

Last week, I reminded all the single ladies that there is no shame in their game. Society tends to focus on what the single girl is missing, but conveniently leaves out the advantages she has over her attached counterparts.

Let’s celebrate some of those, shall we?

Five Little Perks of Being Single 

  1. Living without compromise. Women in relationships make a lot of compromises; that is just part of being a couple. The single woman is never dragged to a dull office party to make nice with the hubby’s boss. She never watches a sporting event she doesn’t care about, and her radio is preset to all of her favorite stations. The single girl can say “No” or “Yes” anytime she pleases.
  2. Flirting your heart out. That cute guy who spends an hour on the bench press at the gym? You can flirt with him. The smoldering bartender who knows how to make your favorite cocktail with just the right amount of lemon? You can flirt with him. You can flirt with anyone you feel like, and good flirting will make you feel confident and sexy. A word of caution: be careful whom you flirt with—not everyone has the same luxury.
  3. Jetting off on a whim. You can pick up and go at a moment’s notice without having to okay it with anyone but your boss. Set off on a weekend adventure, just because.
  4. Indulging yourself. The single girl can keep the whole bottle of wine to herself; she can eat the last piece of cheesecake without feeling bad about it. She can even indulge in exercise. What’s the harm in spending an extra half hour at the gym when you aren’t leaving anyone alone at home?
  5. Shopping ‘til you drop. A new pair of form-fitting jeans or sparkly earrings is a great way to change up your wardrobe. The single girl can shop as much as she wants without feeling like she needs to justify it.

Now it’s your turn to chime in! What are some little advantages to being single?

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