No Shame In Being Single

If you are a single woman, you have probably seen “the look.” I don’t mean the—Who is THAT?—look you get when you walk confidently into a party wearing your favorite little black dress and your come hither heels. We all love that look.

No, I mean the look people give single women. When a woman reveals she isn’t seeing anyone, the first nonverbal reaction she sees is usually a tilted head, a half frown, two wide eyes and a pair of raised eyebrows. It’s the body language equivalent of “Awwww, that’s too bad.” When a woman tells people she is single, their faces react as if she just shared that her puppy died.

Why is that?

I think tunnel vision is to blame. Some people are uncomfortable accepting lifestyles different from their own. You’ve probably seen this in other aspects of your life. Your friends who insist that you have to meet the cute guy at the office probably pressure you to watch TV shows you aren’t interested in, too. It’s just how people are.

So what’s a happy, single girl to do? Everyone treats you like a charity case and it seems like the whole world is on a mission to fix you up; it can feel pretty daunting. Remember that everyone has a time and a plan. Whether or not you are looking for a man, it is always best to find happiness in yourself first.

Find what makes you passionate, and pursue that passion. Step out of your box. Do something bold, something that makes you uncomfortable. Take yourself on a date, treat yourself to dinner for one at your favorite restaurant or see a movie on your own—I do, and I love it.

Remember that you have to live the life that is right for you, not the life other people think you should be living. You are single and there is no shame in that. The next time someone frowns at you because you aren’t seeing anyone, tell her to chin up; you are doing great.

Stay tuned! Next week, I’ll be bringing you five perks of being a single girl!

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  1. PR girl

    i needed this reminder – thank you Patty. just ended a relationship that SHOULD have ended about 8 months or so ago…and its time to remind myself of me

  2. Christi

    I absolutely love this!! I’m single and loving it!! Christi

  3. Dena

    Thanks Patty for the reminder! i am single because i just ended a 2 year relationship and i am loving your being single topics!! 🙂

  4. Monique Valdez

    I love the latest blog, because I have never been so happy in my life like I am now. I have been single over two years and I actually have had time to learn who I am and what I like! It’s incredible…can’t wait to read the follow-up blog!

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