Empowerment Summits

At the beginning of this year, I sat down with my son Chris (who is also the President of Pure Romance) to discuss different ideas for improving the training programs offered to Consultants. We decided to create a new training event that would encompass all the trainings we have ever offered and more. The Empowerment Summits were designed as a one-day, information-packed seminar broken down by three different levels to cater to where each woman working with our company is on their journey as a Consultant. As we are wrapping up the last round of this group of Empowerment Summits, we are happy to discover how they have been changing the way Consultants are thinking about and running their businesses. With an amazing training team, we provided inspirational lessons on how to overcome the fears and negativity that often stand in the way of their success; we also emphasized the ‘Power of One’ theory and how just one single person, one more party, one more recruit can make a substantial difference to their overall business and ultimately Pure Romance as a whole.

We are so proud of the steps our Consultants are taking as leaders, pioneers and professionals on their journey to being the best business women the can be. We hope that they will continue to take away important lessons to help them reach their maximum potential and will always support them here at the Corporate Office to achieve this endeavor!

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  1. Shirley Rogers

    The Empowerment Summit is helping us consultants to reach out for the the next level of success with our business. Thank you Patty & Chris for taking training to a new and exciting level. Also thank you to all of the staff that have devoted their time to help bring us the information! Your dedication and commitment to us is inspiring!

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