Latex Allergies

I often times get emails and questions from customers who are concerned about using a bedroom accessory that contains latex in order to avoid an allergic reaction. Latex is a tricky allergy because it is airborne, which means that if latex particles get in the air (for example, from latex gloves used in an exam room at your doctor’s office) it may cause an allergic reaction for some people. Studies have shown that approximately 1% of the general population is allergic or sensitive to latex, which means it doesn’t happen as often as we would think.

To answer these questions, I like to make sure that individuals understand that Pure Romance’s products are made from high quality ingredients and they do not contain latex. However, because our products may be made in factories and warehouses where they make or store other toys, there is always the chance that Pure Romance’s toys could be exposed to other latex products. This is best understood using the analogy of M&M’s. On a package of Plain M&M’s it says “May contain peanuts” because they are made in the same factories where they make Peanut M&M’s. The same thing is true of bedroom accessories.

If airborne latex particles were to come in contact with a product, it is unlikely that it would have much effect by the time it reached the consumer. Our products are made in manufacturing facilities, shipped to our vendor, repackaged and then sent to Pure Romance before they reach you. They are handled several times throughout this process, giving the potential latex particles time to clear from the toy.

There are a few suggestions I can provide to help really sensitive customers (that 1% of individuals who experience a latex allergy) overcome this potential risk. The first is to cover all jelly toys with a polyurethane condom, which will help to reduce the risk of a latex allergy reaction. This will allow sensitive people to use more products safely. It is also highly recommended to clean all toys before and after each use with Come Clean, especially before using the toy for the first time. This will also help to reduce the risk of a possible irritation from an airborne allergy. Sensitive people could use products made of glass, silicone, or plastic, as well. Using a mild and gentle water-based lubricant, such as Sweet Seduction or Just Like Me, may also help to reduce the risk of any irritation an individual experiences when using a toy – allergy or not!

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