Patty’s “Picks”

Over the years, it’s been all too common that I meet women who are looking to put a little spice into their bedroom, rekindle a lost flame within their relationship or to even let their hair down and try something new! Through my years of experience, I have some tried and true recommends for women and their partners who are looking to heat things up in the bedroom.

Pure Romance has a full line of foreplay products that can be used to set the mood and help increase arousal. Increasing arousal is an important part of sexual activity, especially for a woman. As a woman becomes aroused, her vagina naturally produces lubrication and actually expands in size to accommodate comfortable penetration of a finger, toy, penis, or other object. I always encourage a woman and her partner to spend plenty of time during foreplay to help increase arousal; this will help ensure that intercourse is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. One popular foreplay product is Dust Me Pink, which is an edible body powder that can be sprinkled on various areas of the body while their partner is licking, nibbling, and kissing it off. Pair Dust Me Pink with Pure Romance’s Blindfold for an even more intense experience! Dust Me Pink is a great way to explore the body and find all its hot spots.

Massage products are also a great way for couples to relax together, as well as increase arousal. Pure Romance has many massage products that can be used as part of foreplay activities. One of my favorites is pairing Burning Desire, a soy-based massage candle, with our Hot Heart Massager, a heart-shaped heat pack, for a relaxing warm spa-like massage in the comfort of your own home. Massage is a great way for couples to connect with each other and learn about each other’s body.

If a couple is interested in using a toy together, we have the perfect toy! The most popular couple’s toy is called a c-ring, which is worn on the man’s penis during intercourse (essentially turning him into a living vibrator!). The purpose of a c-ring is to restrict blood flow in the penis, helping to delay ejaculation and maintain an erection. But more than that, c-rings can be fun for both partners in a relationship! Many c-rings have clitoral vibrators attached for the woman’s pleasure; this vibrator helps to speed things up for her, so I like to say that c-rings help to level the playing field: slowing things down for him and speeding them up for her. Pure Romance has several types of c-rings, so I encourage both partners to visit our Web site to find the product that you think would be best for them. Some popular c-rings are Jelly Tool Belt, Jelly C-Ring, and Family Jewels. When using a c-ring, I recommend using a thick, creamy lubricant, such as Whipped or Lickity Stiff, for added comfort, satisfaction, and safety. I also recommend wearing a c-ring for no more than 30 minutes, or less if there is any discomfort.

So for the ultimate night of fun, try some of our top-selling Pure Romance products and open your imagination to the mind-blowing experiences you’ve always been after. We promise it will keep you smiling both in and out of the bedroom!

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