Summer Ready Spotlight: Body Boost and Revive


Revive_0215Summer is just a few weeks away. Bikinis, flip-flops, sandals and sundresses…what’s the best way to get ready for the hot and sticky months and barely-there clothing? I asked a couple of our top Consultants to share why and how Pure Romance’s Body Boost and Revive can get you summer-ready. Don’t forget to share your favorite products in the comments section!


Cindy Faulkner

Pure Romance Executive Director

Executive Board of Directors

Why you love the product?

Both Body Boost and Revive are amazing high-quality products that are a perfect addition to anyone’s daily routine. I love products where you cannot only see a difference, but you can FEEL it too!

How do you sell it?

When I talk about it at my parties, I focus on the benefits of each product. I’m also a product of the product! Since I personally use Body Boost, I’m able to share my experience in a more relatable fashion. It’s also a great add-on to Save My Skin! Then I follow up in my online VIP group with before-and-after pictures of both products to show how amazing they really are!

Why do you think it’s a necessity for women to use?

Most women have some small problem areas that they’re not that fond of – rough heels, cellulite, etc. Body Boost and Revive can help fix those problem areas and give a renewed sense of confidence.

How do you help women understand this is also a great product for the men in their lives? 

Think women are the only ones a little self-conscious about problem areas? Add both of these to the list of products that men can steal from us! (Especially if you’re tired of getting scratched by rough heels and calluses in bed!)

110560 Jenny Harrison

Pure Romance Executive Director

Senior Board of Directors 

I love to put the Revive on my hands, heels and elbows before bed. I then put on spa gloves and socks. I truly feel that it is helping to reverse the signs of aging on my hands, makes my them super soft and smooth, and helps heal my heels and dry spots on my skin. For Body Boost, I use it on the bum, the old “saddlebags,” and on my neck and I definitely see a difference! Below is the demo I use when sharing these two products with my party guests:

Ladies, next up are two of my favorite best-selling products: Revive and Body Boost! Here, in New England, we get to appreciate all four seasons, but our bodies don’t always enjoy the extreme weather changes. You know what they say in our region, “It’s New England, blink, and the weather changes!” One day it’s snowing, and the next day it’s beach body time. These two products help address some seasonal skin problems that plague many of us!

First up, Ladies, is Revive! In the fall and winter, we experience dry and cracked hands in the cold New England States. Revive is amazing because it acts as a protective mask on your hands to prevent cracking and bleeding. It is awesome in the spring and summer months to get rid of those dry spots from hiding underneath all of those warm clothes all winter long. Also, if you ride horses or do a lot of gardening, this is a fantastic product to help heal and protect your hands from “rein rub,” or Gardener hands. It’s even a fabulous product for those of you who don’t have dry or cracked hands. I love to put it on before bed and put on a pair of spa gloves. When I wake up in the morning, my hands feel softer and look younger! Let’s get real, Ladies, there is nothing sexy about dried, cracked or aging hands when you’re going to give your partner a massage. It’s an instant turn-off! Just rub this sumptuous balm on any problem areas.

Next up is Body Boost! For the spring and summer months, we’ve been hiding underneath all of those warm clothes and we have forgotten to take care of our bodies. Body Boost is a body lift in a tube! Better than plastic surgery with none of the scary knives or needles. It is going to help you look super sexy for shorts season and bathing suit season. You will use it on any area that you feel needs tightening from saddlebags to the Bust. Girls, we don’t want that area looking like a National Geographic special – rub it all over you neck and chest. You can also use it on your legs, booty and tummy. It is important that you follow the instructions when using this product for maximum effect. 

Ladies, I’m going to pass these around now so go ahead and write these down on your wish list. They are a must have all year-round. Plus, once you purchase them, you will become a member of my VIP skincare club, and you can get them at a discount when you need refills!

A note from Patty’s Desk: Both of these top Consultants make some wonderful points about Body Boost and Revive. One thing that’s important to mention is that these are great products that are not only useful in the summer, but are also good to use all year long. I always stress how important it is to maintain our relationships, and this idea of “maintaining” also applies to our bodies and skin care. You wouldn’t wait until the wheels were falling off your car before taking it in for a tune-up, right? Thinking carefully about what we put on our body can help you look good, but even more importantly, it’s about making choices that will keep your skin and body healthy!


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