New Month Resolution: Rock Your Look

Pure Romance Consultants Dressed Professionally.
Pure Romance Consultants Dressed Professionally.

Whether you are at the grocery store, the hair salon, the PTA meeting, or anywhere else, take the time to make sure you look presentable before you leave the house. This shows anyone you meet that you respect yourself.

I know the value of looking presentable first-hand.

When I first started doing in-home parties, I was a little afraid for my reputation. I didn’t want people thinking I was some sort of sexual deviant just because of what I did for a living. To compensate, I wore business suits—I can’t tell you how many times people told me I looked like a school teacher.

From the moment I walked in the door, the clothes I was wearing changed the perception of the women at the party. I dressed like a professional, and as a result, I was treated like one. My customers listened more intently and took the information I gave them to heart. I owe some of the credit for that to my wardrobe.

Before heading out in public, ask yourself these two questions: “Who am I?” and “Who am I showing the world I am?” Make sure the answers to these questions match.

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  1. Aimee Knauff

    love this! I also believe that we all also represent each other. And i get so disappointed when i see other consultantsl in sweats or hootchie clothes at our big events. we all should look clean and appropriate. You know if they dress like that there, they are at their parties too. I don’t want ppl thinking we are a trashy or an escort service. Definitely ask the questions to yourself before exiting your house.

  2. Patricia

    What advice do you have for the consultant that wants so bad to wear business attire but can’t aford that new wardrobe yet?

    1. Sherry McCabe

      Patricia, I know how you feel. New clothes are not cheap, but with a little research and looking around, you will find tons of thrift stores and consignment shops. Even when I do have some extra cash I go these stores for the pure joy of the great find!

    2. Timari Fleetwood McKenzie

      Hi Patricia! I have found many great items at 2nd hand stores and thrift shops! Even though I am now a full time consultant with 10+ parties per month I only use 2 outfits per season to do my parties. I used to be concerned that I would show up in the same outfit that I was in last time but quickly got over it when I recieved the same reaction Patty speaks to above… Good Luck & don’t forget your PR nametag!

    3. Deannaslaght

      Try your local thrift stores to build a basic wardrobe..Black slacks/skirt a few white blouses , or check with friends and borrow some outfits until you can afford to shop for them. Or See about setting up a Business clothes swap with some other consultants..we did that for the Formal gowns a few years ago for convention for those that didn’t have the budget to by a gown..and we have all given clothes at our big meetings that other consultants were welcome to take what they needed.if you are in ohio feel free to email me your sizes.. if I can help you out I will be glad to give you an outfit or two to get you started ..

    4. Rustianna Mechura

      Shop at your second hand stores! You can be very picky about what you choose from a place like the Salvation Army. Women are constantly changing their attire based on season, mood, budget and changes in their size, so there is often a very good selection, especially if you shop at a Salvation Army type store in a wealthier city where ‘better’ items are donated. There is nothing to be ashamed of shopping second hand. Often you will find one of a kind items to really create your own look. And remember, these stores are not just for ‘poor’ or ‘needy’ people – the money you spend shopping at a Salvation Army store goes toward helping those in need 🙂

    5. Cyndi Himes

      I heard a great suggestion at PRU for ladies that cannot afford a business suit just yet. Where a Pure Romance “uniform” . Black slacks and white button up blouse. You can also order a name tag for $5!! That’s a pretty sweet deal 🙂

    6. Patty Brisben

      My advice is “no excuses”. Know when you’re making excuses. We all have consignment stores in each city and a lot of them have really nice finds at affordable prices. You need to make an effort to find those key pieces for a wardrobe that makes you look and feel successful. Start with a list of items that you need such as black pants, jacket, blouse, and skirt. You can find all of these at consignment shops, and you can mix and match pieces to form different outfits.
      Do you think its fair not to tell someone she needs to dress for success to be successful? I only want all of my girls to be a success and I don’t sugarcoat it.

  3. Sherry McCabe

    Love this. I do struggle because I am sort of a workout junkie, therefore the clothes that most fit my personality are running pants, tennis shoes and tank tops or t-shirts. You are so right Patty. This is always on my mind. As soon as I go “im just going in for a pot roast”, I end up at five places and meet 10 people I know and unknown potentials. When I am in my workout wear, I almost feel ashamed of what I do because of the way I may be representing Pure Romance. I know how great and professional we are and I want to represent!! Thanks for the reminder. I love my job!!

  4. amber micolichek

    I’m so excited! I took some extra holiday money andd bought an awesome outfit! Now for every show that is at least $500 retail I will invest in an article of clothing to better my “work uniform ” 🙂

    1. Wanda Brayak Beauchamp

      Basic items can be dressed up with inexpensive scarfs, broaches, or necklace and earrings. I switch up the above items and shoes with my simple black dress. I ve always received compliments on my appearance for shows. Being clean, having my hair done and lip stick is a must every morning, if I leave the house or not. Look good and we feel good.

  5. Beverly

    Purchase basic, interchangeable peices one at a time. For instance, purchase basic colored slacks (black brown navy etc…) and add color in your tops. You can mix and match tops & bottoms as you go & grow your wardrobe too. And “thrifting” is an option too. Check local thrift stores, second hand stores, and yard sales for gently used clothes that you can pair with your existing wardrobe. You can always “jazz” it up & no one has to know where it came from but you

  6. Yara Horta

    Hi Patty!
    Please share with us your suggestions about outfit when the consultant has a themed Party (Pijama, Hawaiian, Pool, etc).
    Also, will be great if in future posts you can share us about your Time Management techniques as a consultant. How did you work the different aspects of your business in a weekly basis.

  7. melanie thomas

    Patricia, coming from a mom with three kids and a limited budget, I can tell you that thrift shops are the way to go;) I wear Ann Taylor, Limited, Vera Wang and other name brands…but I pay less than $4 for them;) I find gorgeous shoes (a lot of the times brand new) at Goodwill. Target stores ship overstock to Goodwills and it’s cheap and new;) I am a thrift shop Queen:)

  8. Cally

    Patricia, I would recommend checking out you thrift shops. You can find some awesome clothes in them.

  9. Amanda

    I had no idea what ‘Pure Romance’ was until I went to a bachelorette party which included the ‘Pure Romance’ party. Seeing the consultant in ‘business’ attire really did alter the way I viewed ‘Pure Romance,’ and it was for the better!

  10. Marcey Goldstein

    I really like that the women in the picture are not skinny. There are so many of us “big girls” in Pure Romance and you are validating us by using these models. Thank you.

  11. Real Fit Mom

    I finally received my name tag and the first thing I thought was, “I’m going to have to start dressing nicer!” I’m a mom of 4 and am usually just a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Now that I have my name tag I want to wear it everywhere I can, even to pick up the kids from school. Name tag=business attire!!

  12. Susan Fettig

    If you have a Fashion Bug in your area they are closing their stores at the end of the month, check them out also.
    Thank you for the reminder Patti!

  13. Shiloh Spredemann

    I love consignment stores – they definitely help a few goals – first in regards to balancing my personal budget and saving more money and second in regards to our environment…recycle and reuse! Not to mention the great finds!!

  14. Aisha

    Thanks for the info Mrs. Patty and ladies. I was a little concerned about being able to afford a suit or business attire as well and I almost forgot about the goodwill’s. I am going to become a new consultant this month.

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