Coming Soon: New Month Resolutions

I re-launched my blog to inspire women to live with poise, flair, and purpose, to help women reach their full potential and give them insights into how to overcome obstacles they will face on their journey to happiness. Starting in 2013, I am going to kick it up a notch.

My first blog post of each month will be a New Month Resolution—a challenge for my readers to take on each month so they develop habits that will help them lead fulfilled lives.

I urge you to do your honest best to stick to these New Month Resolutions. I want you to hold yourself accountable, to set a high standard for yourself and maintain that standard. Let your behavior be a benchmark for the people around you. Become the role model you have always wanted to be.

Prepare yourself now. The New Month Resolutions start next week.

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  1. Tina

    Looking forward to reading them.

  2. kay Hunter

    Yay soo excited and I am infatuated with pretty much every product that I have tried , Amazing ! Thanks for helping with a lot of
    Personal issues as well . Keep up the Amazing work !

  3. Patricia

    This is exciting! I want to change my life around in 2013. So this is right on time!

  4. Melissa Messenger

    Your blog Patty is so fun to read. I am excited to now get your new month’s resolution. Happy New Year to you!

  5. Cari Champagne

    Looking forward to these monthly (Life) challenges!

  6. Stac E

    Bring on the resolutions! This is exciting 🙂

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