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Gain Connection with an Internet Diet

Internet DietI start my morning by listening to television talk shows while I get ready to start my day. Usually, this chatter serves as white noise, but every now and then, something stops me in my tracks. Such a moment occurred recently, and I want to share it with you.

I was prepping for my day with Good Morning America sounding off in the background. George Stephanopoulos was interviewing Amy Adams about her movies, exactly what you would expect from morning TV. Then he asked her about going on an “internet diet.”

Internet diet? I had never heard of this. I was glued to the screen.

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Coming Soon: New Month Resolutions

I re-launched my blog to inspire women to live with poise, flair, and purpose, to help women reach their full potential and give them insights into how to overcome obstacles they will face on their journey to happiness. Starting in 2013, I am going to kick it up a notch.

My first blog post of each month will be a New Month Resolution—a challenge for my readers to take on each month so they develop habits that will help them lead fulfilled lives.

I urge you to do your honest best to stick to these New Month Resolutions. I want you to hold yourself accountable, to set a high standard for yourself and maintain that standard. Let your behavior be a benchmark for the people around you. Become the role model you have always wanted to be.

Prepare yourself now. The New Month Resolutions start next week.

Exit the Dragon

Pure Romance Consultants never fail to move me. I read every letter and email they send me, and what they share always puts a lump in my throat. What touches me deepest is when the women I speak to apply what they learn from Pure Romance to their personal lives.

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Standing Up

I am sure you have heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This is a squeaky wheel story, and a reminder that no matter how accomplished you may be, negative people will try to cut you down.

I was at a distant relative’s wedding recently in Toledo, Ohio. I was immediately put off because some of the guests did not respect the occasion. They showed up in tattered jeans, tennis shoes, and other clothes more appropriate for a football game.

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How South Africa & Australia Taught Me the Meaning of Thanksgiving

My gift from Catherine from South Africa.

Last week, we all gathered around tables with our families and gave thanks over heaping plates of food. Personally, I entered Thanksgiving with a surge of gratefulness after visiting South Africa and Australia for their first Pure Romance National Conventions. I am not sure if I have the words to express how I feel after these trips, but here is my attempt to do the experience justice and describe how thankful and fortunate I am.

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