Transformative Power of Beauty and Lingerie

A little over a week ago, I stood on the stage of the Aronoff Center’s P&G Hall to launch Pure Romance’s newest additions to its line. As I stood onstage, I looked out into a thrilled audience. Their excitement made it clear: the additions, particularly to our beauty and lingerie collections, were items the women had been waiting for.

At Pure Romance, we focus on all aspects of a woman. We help empower them financially by giving them a way to support themselves and their families. We also educate, ensuring that our Consultants are well versed in sexual health. Now, we’re focusing even more on making a woman feel strong and confident from the inside out by adding to our beauty and lingerie collections. We’re truly investing into our consumers and completing the woman as a whole. Beauty and lingerie are the final touches.

By adding Bedroom Eyes, our mascaras, and Scentuality, our perfume sticks, to our extensive line of lip glosses, lipstick, and bronzers, we are giving women permission to take time solely for themselves. When a woman gets ready for the day, it’s not about her children, and it’s not about whom she’s going to see today; it’s about her. To every woman reading, I encourage you to allow yourself some time every day—even if it’s just five minutes—to have alone time in the bathroom to prep yourself for whatever lies ahead of you.

During this special “you” time, notice how you transform from feeling tired to feeling rejuvenated. All it takes: a slick of gloss, a brush of bronzer, a swipe of mascara, and a dab of your favorite scent. What I want with Pure Romance’s beauty line is for it to simplify your beautifying process. I’ve elected the best of the best so that a woman isn’t wasting her precious time or money on products she has to spend forever applying or fixing.

No woman should ever feel guilty about taking just five minutes to herself. And you know what? No woman should ever feel guilty for admitting that makeup helps her feel more confident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you work on yourself from every angle—financially, physically, spiritually, mentally—it wouldn’t make sense not to want to pretty up the outside as well! Everyone—from models to moms—can recognize the added oomph a little makeup adds to how one feels about herself.

Speaking of models, we had 11 of them walk in a surprise lingerie runway show at the end of the launch. The models walked across the stage, embracing the characters the lingerie imbued within them. There was Mickey’s Mistress, Officer Flashy, Major Trouble, and Miss Bunny Boom, to name a few. With these pieces of lingerie, I was adamant about finding the highest quality in materials, and I also wanted something that put fun back in the bedroom.

What’s also great about every single lingerie item is that they allow women to play a character, not just play “sexy.” For example, Major Trouble can salute her man or march around the bedroom at his command—or her command. Miss Bunny Boom can coyly deliver Manhattans to her partner, just as certain bunnies from the 1960’s did. Couples can really play specific roles and be inspired by the lingerie.

Fall’s product launch comes down to the transformative power of makeup and lingerie. Slip it on and transform into a more confident, more sensual version of yourself. So go into your bathroom or boudoir, turn on the music that makes you feel fierce, swipe on some mascara and dab on some Scentuality, and be ready to take on anything the world throws at you. You’ve done the groundwork by fine-tuning yourself from the inside out—it’s time to enjoy it now!

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