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Pure Romance Takes New York City!

We recently traveled to the Big Apple to attend several media events to help spread the word of the amazing work our Consultants  are doing and highlight our products leading up to Valentine’s Day. This trip was a long-time in the making; it all started last year at the Pink Ribbon Luncheon when I was honored at the event. Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts was the featured speaker and I was so excited about the opportunity to hear her tell her story in person. I start every single one of my mornings with her and can’t think of a woman I admire more. She has inspired so many with her strength and determination in overcoming life-threatening experiences: especially with her battle with breast cancer and subsequent blood cancer and bone marrow transplant. Watching her speak that day, I was moved beyond words. It goes without saying, I bid on the event’s Good Morning America auction package to visit the set of my favorite anchorwoman.

Fast-forward to 2016, where we reunited with Robin on set in New York and received a behind the scenes look at how the show is produced (it was like a well-oiled machine, by the way!). I’ve also never been on any talk show set (besides Live! Kelly and Michael) that was so warm and friendly.

No matter how busy and hectic it was, Robin took her time to make sure she introduced me to everyone she worked with, and she showed incredible thoughtfulness by remembering our earlier conversations about The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health. This gave me the opportunity to continue this dialogue with many of the others there that day, which was a huge honor. They embraced the message and showed sincere interest in exploring it further in the future. It was awesome to see national media influencers understanding that sexual health is the pink elephant in the room, and to hear them agree that it’s a topic that everyone needs to address. It fueled me even further to continue pressing further in this arena.

Pure Romance Consultants aren’t the only ones who challenge themselves to step outside of their comfort zones advocating on behalf of women’s sexual health and intimacy. We also push ourselves; that continued with a subsequent blogger and journalist event at the Museum of Sex, which led to coverage in a few blogs, such as Urban Milan: Valentine’s Gifts for Her, and prospects for many more.

My PR Director, Suzanne Murray, stepped out of her comfort zone volunteering for an on-air dance competition (and winning) on Live! Kelly and Michael Show later in the week! I love that our team, much like our Consultants, does life different. Because of Suzanne’s boldness, we were able to get Pure Romance gift boxes in the hands of Kelly and Michael!


We also stopped by to visit our old friends at The View to provide a beautiful audience giveaway including some of Pure Romance’s top pampering products and my favorite perfume, Truly Sexy – Flirt.  We had to go in early that morning for their crew to shoot the product before the show went on air. It was a quick process because the packaging is so beautiful and elegant – we felt proud to watch New York-based producers on a national broadcast show gawking at the boutique-like products. They were excited and impressed with it. Some had heard of it, and those who hadn’t couldn’t wait to check it out. 12669505_957724584303950_8594364928424492062_n

This was the day I was the most afraid – mainly because I knew that this segment was all about our Consultants and it was so important to me to make sure that the little amount of time I had to talk about our Pure Romance mission and products was loud and clear. I wanted to make sure that more than anything that during my interview portion I got the message across that we are a company that focuses on enhancing communication in relationships, first and foremost. I was most proud of the product shot because I believe they speak for themselves, and the world got to see the beautiful packaging and that we have a wide array of products – truly something for everyone.

FullSizeRender-2For those of you who want legitimacy and to show your clients you are working for the top relationship company in the world, take advantage of this national exposure.  Use the clips, pictures, and blog mentions to your advantage; it is a great way to showcase the products, and is yet another reason to reach out to your customers.  Check out how Executive Director Dana Barish pushed this out on her social media network.


On Social Media, it might have looked like our trip was just filled with shopping, work and fun (you can have fun while working), but hopefully this blog shows that we were there for you, and that we were a team of people who went in there with a job and got it done!

Guns N’ Hoses

Growing up, I wasn’t the biggest fan of boxing; I couldn’t get past the fact that it appeared to be nothing but fighting. Now my family – that was another story. One of my relatives actually had Rocky Marciano as his Best Man, and that was something that made my dad especially proud. The closest thing I came to boxing was buying a Foreman Grill at the height of its popularity, but I never watched a George Foreman boxing match in all my years.

However, when the Guns N’ Hoses Southwest Ohio fundraising event was brought to my attention, I was excited to get involved. The match was held at the Horseshoe Casino on October 9th and benefitted the families of firefighters and law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line of duty. The boxing tournament featured three, one minute round matches between area Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters. The winner of each bout received a Championship Belt, and the runner up received a medal.

This foundation especially resonated for me because they were the organization responsible for funding Sonny Kim’s family to travel to the United States for his funeral – travel that would not have been possible if they would have had to wait for standard procedures surrounding benefits associated with this type of tragedy. For example, state funding sometimes isn’t available until 8-12 months after our heroes have fallen.

I was so proud that Pure Romance was able to sponsor such a noble cause, and give back to those who have sacrificed so much in service to our community. The organizers treated me to a wonderful surprise, inviting me into the ring to accept a championship belt in recognition of Pure Romance for being one of the top supporters of the event.











One of the biggest surprises of the night was when I found myself jumping up and down out of my seat screaming in excitement for several boxers. I couldn’t help myself from reading all of the bios in the program, and I’m pleased to say that out of 21 fights, I had predicted 17 wins right! (Look out, Vegas; I might have to share my predictions for some big up and coming matches!J) 

This amazing organization and their outstanding event are proof that giving back can really be fun. I came out of this experience a changed person and learned a little more about a sport that I had previously misjudged. Who knows what can happen when you make an effort to give back to causes that are important to you!







My New Signature Fragrance: Flirt


I’m still coming down from the incredible high of announcing our new Pure Romance products at our National Training in Las Vegas!!! There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing the Consultants share in my excitement about a new Pure Romance product, especially one like Flirt, that I put my heart and soul into creating.

Many asked me what inspired me to create this fragrance so I wanted to share the inspiration in my blog. It all started while we were in New York receiving an award for Truly Sexy. The next morning, I was having breakfast at Audrey-Hepburn_A-Life-in-Full-Circle_HD_768x432-16x9The Palace when I noticed a small room off to the right of the bar area that seemed to be calling my name. When I wandered into this room, I was surrounded by larger-than-life photographs of “old Hollywood” Movie Stars. The pictures stretched from floor to ceiling, such a glamorous sight! But no photo caught my attention more than that of Audrey Hepburn. I stood in front of her beautiful portrait in complete admiration. There’s something so flirty and mischievous, yet so sweet and innocent about the look in Audrey’s eyes. This is what I asked our designer to capture when creating the bottle for Flirt, and the energy behind the scent itself.

I am so proud of this fragrance and its packaging. Many we’ve worked with in the perfume industry have told us that they’ve never seen anything like it, which makes me smile. When it comes to our products, I’ve always tried to stay ahead of the trends.  I’m also proud that we’ve been able to create a perfume that is elegant, yet affordable. Flirt is being bottled by one of the world’s top perfume houses.

When we walk into a fine department store and pick up something like Flirt, we are going to have to part with $200 or more! Here is a beautiful scent that is a fraction of the price, but you know you will feel so pretty wearing it. Not all of us have the money to splurge on expensive fragrances, but every woman deserves luxury in her life, and Flirt gives every woman the chance to experience it. I wanted to create a fragrance collection that is exclusively ours and one that makes our Consultants proud. I can’t wait to hear what you think once you try it. Please share your feedback in my comments section!

*Audrey Hepburn Photo Credit: Biography.com

Father’s Day Blog Series: Men of Pure Romance


I think it’s so important to show appreciation for the people who show us love and support in our life. In the hustle and bustle of operating a business and taking care of our family we often lose sight of declaring that appreciation, which is why I think it’s so wonderful we designate a day to do just that.

First and foremost, I want to pay tribute to my Father today. He passed away at a young age from a heart attack. My Dad was a real “man’s man” who drove a truck for Keebler for 20+ years. He did the best he could with what he knew, which I believe is a statement that remains true for all of us in the realm of parenting. My Dad was rough around the edges, probably drank a few too many beers on occasion, loved Elvis Presley and had a difficult time expressing affection. However, I never questioned my father’s love for me. I saw his love in the everyday little things, like when my first car broke down, he took me to the dealership and said, “You can pick any car in the lot, but you’ll be responsible for the monthly payment!” To an outsider looking in it wouldn’t seem like an expression of love, but to me, the love was in the lesson: I can have anything I want in life, I just have to work hard to pay for it. My Dad also made time to call me every week despite his busy travel schedule, and after I had the boys he carved out time to spend with them every other Friday. He would pick Nick and Chris up, make giant milkshakes and curl up in front of the television to watch The Dukes of Hazard. Despite losing my Dad unexpectedly, I cherish the opportunity I had to see him show affection through his love for Chris and Nick. The boys were so young when Dad passed, but I see a lot of my father in the men they are today

Dad collageThis Father’s Day is exceptionally special because I now have the opportunity to watch all three of my sons and my son-in-law in their role as a Father. I’m sure many of you have heard me talk about how different all of my kids are, and it is definitely shines through in their parenting. Regardless of their discipline techniques or paternal instincts, they all have their own way of loving their children and supporting their significant others and it is those qualities that will benefit their children in the long run. I believe fathers are the ones who set the standard for what their sons will be like as a man, and for their daughters, they create healthy patterns so they can find the right type of love in their life. As children, our parents give us our first experience of love – we often look for those qualities in our future mate. It makes me incredibly happy to see all four of my boys with their children – they are always 100% present, and when they aren’t with them I can see the love they have shine through their eyes when they talk about them or show me a picture. It is a surreal moment when you see the little boys you used to diaper and discipline turn into fathers. It’s a beautiful gift and today I want to wish all of them a Happy Father’s Day.

To all of the wonderful men of Pure Romance, you are true rock stars! Thank you for supporting your leading lady in her business and setting a perfect example of love and support for your children. Happy Father’s Day!

A Mother’s Love Comes Full Circle

Reading the Mother’s Day entries submitted by some of Pure Romance’s most powerful businesswomen and exceptional mothers was so enlightening. It made me reflect back on the years I was working my business, and trying to balance being a Mom.

I can vividly remember when I used to share the Pure Romance opportunity with servers at our weekly Sunday Perkins breakfast. Remember, this was an era when we didn’t have the benefit of smart phones (or even cell phones at all!) to network and market our businesses; however, you better believe I was still working it from the sidelines of my son’s football games or the regular parent-teacher conferences. Everywhere I went, I was always looking for the chance to share my passion and further build my Pure Romance business.

This Mother’s Day, my children are all grown up. As adults, they now all have their own issues to face, and wants and needs that are completely different from those of a small child. Despite the fact that I am not chasing after little ones anymore, or spending my weekend at various sporting events and activities, I find myself reflecting back on where it all began: before I was a mother – I was a daughter. This Mother’s Day, I want to share how caretaking comes full circle. My own mother has been riddled with illness and the physical hurdles that come with age, and so, once again, I find that balance between running a business and caring for someone I love.

When you are watching your parent struggle to fight death, memories tend to flood in at the most unexpected times. I can say there is definitely not a perfect mother – we do the best we can with the tools we have. There are plenty of things my Mom did as a parent that I vowed not to do, but there are also many traditions, values and techniques I carried on in my own parenting.

One thing I know I inherited from my mother is her work ethic. That woman worked tirelessly until the day she became too sick to carry on another day. She was a clerk for Kroger, and her passion and commitment to her company was evident. She truly believed that if she weren’t there to train the young kids coming in, that Kroger would start to go down hill. Yet, despite her tedious work schedule, she carved out time to show how much she cared for all of us.

I can remember fondly sitting outside on hot summer nights looking up at the night sky. My mom would make homemade peach ice cream and we would just count the stars and listen to the bullfrogs down by the lake. Some of those summer nights she would bring home French Chews and watch as my brother, sister and I chased fireflies. My childhood, like so many, wasn’t perfect, especially being the oldest child with two working parents, but this is a memory filled with nostalgia and happiness.

When I turned 15, I applied for a job as a server for Ponderosa. I wasn’t of age to take on this position and obviously I couldn’t drive. However, my Mother didn’t reprimand me. She made time to drive me to and from work for every one of my shifts. This is just one of the ways she instilled value of hard work in me.

Fast forward to my time as a young mother, I was working for a pediatrician as a Nurse’s assistant. When I was in a pinch, she would help me with the kids and she would often take time to make me a homemade, southern cookin’ kind of lunch and bring it to my work. These are the things that meant so much to me!

Lately, organizing caretakers, doctor’s appointments,  Apheresis treatments and handling the affairs as her power of attorney, things can get pretty stressful. However, watching her health and physical abilities decline so quickly over the last year has bulldozed me emotionally. The most difficult are the days she fights with me saying things like, “Why are you so mean to me? I don’t want to get up and walk. I’m just so tired. Just let me sleep.” When people are sick they need someone else to fight for them. It tears me apart to wonder and worry that she is just giving up. Late at night, often in her sleep, she talks to her own mother as if she is a young girl again. Those are the moments that bring tears to my eyes wondering if she is leaving this tangible world for one much more beautiful and brilliant.

Inevitably, the time will come for my beautiful mother to depart this world and leave me forever. In the meantime I will be right there to carve out time and help her fight for as long as she is willing.

This Mother’s Day I want each of you to celebrate yourself for all of the time you carve out and love you give forth daily. Enjoy the moments and reminisce over the memories. Life is fleeting, so today point your face up to the sun, breathe deeply and give yourself the appreciation you so dearly deserve. Happy Mother’s Day!

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