Spring Cleaning Your Love Life

With the arrival of spring we are faced with constant reminders of growth and the chance to start again. Flowers are blooming, moods are brightening and we can finally start to put away those drab winter clothes in exchange for colorful spring fashion!

Along with our wardrobes, the fun of a new season is accompanied by a laundry list of work, chores and other to-dos, which usually makes an appearance in the form of the dreaded “spring cleaning.” Whether you look forward to cleaning out those drawers or not, there is one aspect of spring cleaning that should not be overlooked- your love life.

Here are my four suggestions for spring cleaning your love life and de-cluttering your mind that I promise will be even more beneficial than organizing your closet!

1. Evaluate your relationship with your partner. Make a checklist of what about your partner brings you happiness. What about you makes them happy? List the things that you need to work on. Oftentimes we get so caught up in the business of going through our daily motions that we forget to make each other’s happiness a priority. Remind yourself that no one controls your happiness but you.

2. Banish Baggage! The long, cold days of winter can create cabin fever that puts a strain on our moods and produces ill will between partners. Get rid of the negativity you may have been harboring from past arguments by writing what’s been bothering you on paper and making time to hash it out. Promise each other that when all is said and done, no subjects will be revisited- even if he was late to that important dinner back in January! Destroy these negativity lists together. Hanging on to these kinds of thoughts will only hurt you both down the line and cause a ripple effect throughout other aspects of your life. Leave the past behind and spring forward!

3. Get organized! While you might be translating this as a message to clean out your toy drawer or finally finding a home for those new shoes that are still in the box, don’t neglect your calendar! Make a point to make time for yourself and your partner. One of the biggest complaints couples have is that they simply don’t have time for each other. Combat those feelings of neglect by planning quality time together to be active, enjoying the fresh spring air. It’ll be certain to get your endorphins going.

4. Take Action! Now that you’ve created a solid structure for you and your partner, both of you are ready to move ahead at rapid speeds. Keep the momentum going by making this a seasonal relationship check-up. Plan ahead and set a date to do it again. In fact, don’t be surprised to find that in the process of doing this love life de-cluttering, you’ll discover more passion and a better connection in bed! Keep the feelings of ‘spring fever’ alive through every season by trying a new position, a new lubricant or introduce a new toy into the bedroom.

Once you’ve tackled a little love life spring cleaning, you and your partner will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the new season together. As you do so, remember that change is a good thing and there’s no better time to look forward to what else is in store for you!

Use this and every change in seasons your advantage- celebrate the relationship growth that you can achieve and deserve.

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