An Open Letter to my Pure Romance Consultants

As I was in the process of preparing for our national convention this week, I was struck by how powerful our network of Consultants has become not only in number, but also in a one-of-a-kind sisterhood you can only find at Pure Romance.

As with everyone, convention each year is a crossroads of different journeys, and it’s always a joy knowing that I walk away learning something from other’s experiences. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying a student and constantly looking forward to the knowledge that everyday brings no matter where you are in life.

For weeks now, our Consultants have been taking their excitement to Facebook, posting pictures of their dresses, encouraging one another and proclaiming with confidence that this is going to be their best year yet.
Let me tell you, this excitement is contagious and inspiring. So with convention just around the corner, I wanted to direct my thanks and praise directly to the women who make it all possible.

To my Consultants:

Not everyone can say that they have found a network of women, like those at Pure Romance, who will lift each other up in times of need and celebrate greatness when another tastes success. In fact, some women go their whole lives without experiencing this kind of support.

But you, our Pure Romance Consultants around the world, work everyday to live and breathe our mission to empower, educate and entertain. You work hard, play hard and breathe passion into all that you do- which is exactly what we want to give back to you at our Convention.

Those of you who will be experiencing your first convention- congratulations! You are about to surround yourself with the strongest, most amazing women out there. Through them, you will recognize how limitless your own potential truly is. I look forward to watching you in the years to come and being there to see you achieve your dreams.

More than anything, I wanted you each to know that none of this is possible without your hard work, your dedication and your belief in yourselves and the mission of our company. You are, and always will be the heart of Pure Romance, and I can’t wait to say thank you in person at convention!

For those of you not yet involved with Pure Romance who might be feeling like you don’t have a voice or support network and are struggling to make ends meet- you are not alone. Many of us have sat in your shoes and know first hand the challenges that you face. Know that you have a home in Pure Romance. You have it in you to take control of your life and make the change! We often say you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Your legacy starts today! And who knows, we just might be celebrating your journey at convention next year.

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