Strength & Inspiration: The Young Survival Coalition Conference

If you’ve seen the hit show The Big C on Showtime, you’ve experienced the journey of Cathy, a recently diagnosed cancer patient who vows for the first time in her life to focus on her own personal wants and needs. This year, as I prepare for my PJ Party at the Young Survival Coalition (YSC) conference, I can’t help but reflect on Cathy’s journey of self-discovery and how this can be witnessed in every YSC attendee.

The conference, this year in Orlando, Florida, is the singular definition of strength and survival. This event provides young women that have been affected by breast cancer the opportunity to network and focus on their own quality of life, even in the face of something as difficult as cancer. From my years of attending, I’ve found that the saying really is true; women don’t know how strong they can be until they face a challenge.

Let me tell you, these women’s camaraderie and unwavering support for one another should be an inspiration to us all!

My PJ Party this year will be an evening of conversation and fun as we discuss intimacy and relationships during and after cancer treatment- something that is often overlooked by health care providers. A relationship is a unique journey for every couple, and it’s always amazing to see women taking steps to improve their intimacy even in the face of something as mentally and physically taxing as cancer.

The YSC attendees and their stories provide me with the inspiration to keep going throughout the year. I have made giving back a priority both personally and professionally. Through our initiatives, such as Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival, Pure Romance works to make great strides to help women improve their intimacy and relationships. More than anything, we value providing a way for consultants, staff members and everyone else involved to feel as though they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. And that’s something we can all be proud of.

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