Be your own boss in the bedroom, too!

We love our thousands of Consultants who are the CEOs of their own companies and are their own bosses. But did you know that being your own boss can give a boost to your sex life as well?

A story on by Jodie Milton offers some productivity hacks that not only can help you organize your own company, but improve your sex life as well. As we all know, being your own boss means you can set your own hours, but sometimes those hours can mean early mornings or late nights or, worst of all, up to bedtime!

The article suggests using some of your organizational skills that are so successful for you in business and translate them to your love life, including:

  • Turn off the alerts on your phone. Not only will that allow you to concentrate while you’re doing work, it also lets you concentrate in the bedroom, as well, without having annoying “dings” go off at an inopportune time!
  • Think about why you like to have sex! We talk a lot about your “why” in business, and it works with relationships as well. “Get clear on why you have sex, what it gives you and how it feeds your relationship,” Milton says. “This simple hack to improve your sex life is like rocket fuel for motivation and desire.”
  • Get rid of your “to do” list and start scheduling instead. Milton suggests scheduling items in your calendar, then treat them as non-negotiable—like scheduling a doctor’s appointment. That includes your business items as well as your sex life. “With a little creativity and an open mind, scheduling sex can become the bedrock of your sex life,” she says. “Schedule it, and make it happen. It might seem weird at first, but once you get started, you’ll improve your sex life in ways you can’t yet imagine.”

There are many advantages of being your own boss and owning your own business—being able to use these life/business hacks to improve productivity in the bedroom AND in your business is one of the best perks you can have!! Read more tips about improving your business and sex life HERE!

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