Let’s Talk Sexual Health

What a terrific evening we had last week with the Patty Brisben Foundation and our launch of #SexualHealthMatters: A Conversation with the Patty Brisben Foundation! It was an informative evening of frank talk on issues affecting women’s sexual health. If you weren’t able to attend this time, mark your calendars for our next Conversation coming up on Tuesday, September 25th.

We find that conversation is the best way to open our feelings to our partners about our own sexual needs, but sometimes that conversation is difficult to have. According to a Mayo Clinic article, women are not alike when it comes to sex—we have different likes and dislikes, and our partners need to know that.

But how to bring that up? It’s not easy, but it’s an important conversation to have. The article suggests five points to get the conversation started, including:

  • Admit your discomfort. If you’re a little uneasy starting the conversation, say so!
  • Start talking. Once the words come out, it’s usually easier to bring up sensitive subjects.
  • Set a time limit. The article says 15 minutes is good for a start.
  • Talk regularly. Once you get into the habit, it’ll be easier to start the conversations.
  • Use a book or movie to illustrate your sexual health issues.

After you set up guidelines, some of the issues you might want to discuss are the time you devote to your relationship, routine sex versus trying something new, and your emotional intimacy, not just physical. If there are any health or hormonal changes your partner needs to know about, this is a good time to discuss that, as well.

Our conversation last week on #SexualHealthMatters really illuminated the need for all of us to talk more about our sexual health and needs. These tips from the Mayo Clinic can help you open up that conversation at home as well. If you want to read more from the Mayo Clinic, here’s the link:


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