Save Your Skin

Ah, sunshine! The official start of summer is still a couple of weeks away but most of us already are well into summertime activities—the beach, the pool, anywhere we can soak up a few rays.

There is a meme going around social media that talks about the “old days” when we laid out in the sun with our baby oil and iodine concoction slathered all over and some lemon juice in our hair to get that sun-bleached look. Ah yes, I remember it well, but these days, we know better. Now, we know to protect our skin when we go outside.

The National Institutes of Health reminds us about the dangers of sun exposure, from premature wrinkling to the more serious forms of skin cancers. “Each year, more than 2 million people are treated for two types of skin cancer: Basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma,” the NIH reminds us. “These cancers are seen in both older and younger people, and they’re rarely life-threatening. Melanoma is a less common but more serious type of skin cancer that’s diagnosed in more than 68,000 Americans each year.”

In fact, did you realize that our skin is our body’s largest organ? It protects us, so the least we can do is protect it from the sun’s harmful rays even while we’re showing more of it off on these warm days! Put your sunscreen on early and often, wear a fabulous wide-brimmed hat and don’t forget your very-chic sunglasses to protect your eyes.

As for the rest of you, our Pure Romance Body Boost Firming Creamhelps smooth and tone your skin before and after a day at the beach while our Revive Skin Repair Cream keeps your skin healthy and moisturized, especially for the extremely dry areas.

And if you still want that sunny glow without the sun, remember our Coco Glow Tropical Sunless Tanner offers medium to dark coverage safely!

Want more tips on sun care? Here’s the article from the NIH:

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