My Perfect Man: Four Qualities I Look For


How does someone catch your eye when you walk into a crowded room? For me, there are a lot of attributes that make someone intriguing, but below are some top characteristics that always spark my interest…


For years, I have loved George Clooney. Why? Because as a Tri-State native, he’s never forgotten his roots. He’s won an Oscar and still worked to bring films like Ides of March to Cincinnati to showcase his city. I also love that despite becoming a larger-than-life star, his parents have always remained important to him and he continues to come back and spend time with them to this day. Even now, he’s surprised us all by breaking his eternal bachelor reputation by popping the question to a woman who is a successful attorney, fluent in Arabic, French and English, and clearly has a mind of her own. He set a new bar with brains leading beauty in Hollywood.


There’s a reason Good Morning America is after Co-Host Michael Strahan of Live! With Kelly and Michael (with Kelly Ripa): not only is he an amazing athlete with a very high IQ, his lovable personality is highly contagious. It doesn’t matter if he’s talking sports or celebrity news – he knows how to adapt. This man is versatile – the kind of person you could throw into any social setting without a problem. And as crazy as my life can get, you know that’s a must!


Someone wise once told me that your life partner should have a great sense of humor. There’s nothing more valuable than being able to laugh with one another, especially when times are difficult. Vince Vaughn is a good example of someone who can make me laugh – even during very tense scenes like those in the movie The Break-Up. While we’re on the subject of his role in that movie, he shows he can hold up his side of argument with no problem. I like a man who can keep me on my toes and go head to head with me on any issue.


It wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t mention a little “eye candy,” right? Actor Dermot Mulroney, is the epitome of charisma and sex appeal in The Wedding Date. When a man is easy on the eyes and also has the certain “something” simmering below the surface, that’s a recipe for the kind of seduction that can go a VERY long way.

What do you look for in a man or a woman? What are your “deal-breakers?” Please share your comments here!




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  1. Dana 'Digi' Braun

    First and foremost, it’s a man who respects women as individuals. Womanizers & players have no room in my life.

  2. Deborah McCann

    What attracts me to a man, his smile. Then would be his sense of humor. What attracted me to my husband, was both of those. But most of all how he respected me enough to want to marry me, instead of living together. I had 2 small children at the time. Wanted to be proper. 🙂

  3. Sam M

    A sense of humor, faithful, independent, & masculinity 🙂

  4. LatonyaCarroll-Hampshire

    Strength would be tops for me. The way I see that; as the ability to assess a situation, act out a plan and recover with a positive focus. Like a Willow Tree. Strong and flexible.

  5. Natasha Holmes

    I think that sense of humor is a must… Sometimes we take life too seriously and we don’t stop to enjoy it. Having someone around to remind you of that is essential.

  6. Heather

    There is nothing that I find sexier than a Godly man! A man who has a sturdy foundation, lives to lead (not to be mistaken as dictate) his family/friends in an honorable and fruitful life. Having the ability to keep his partner encouraged, uplifted, loved, and motivated to be more, do more, want more, and share more with everyone they encounter. The man who’s willing to go out of his way to help others…..with NOTHING needed in return……but still know his priority is at home waiting. There’s really no way to describe it all in words… just shines through their soul…..radiates from their eyes and smile. Again, don’t be mistaken, just because he’s a Godly man doesn’t make him a sissy in the sack 😉

  7. Melissa Messenger

    I have found that what is important to me is a gentlemen that gets “hotter” with time due to his intelligence, understanding, listening skills, personality and great ideas!

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