The Cold Water Challenge

I can’t count how many times I’ve been told to not say the word “sexual” or “sex” when participating in public events for The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health. This pains me to say the least. One of the reasons I am most passionate about our foundation is because we are taking away the hush-hush factor around this word and issues surrounding it, and this couldn’t be truer than with our recent Pure Romance Cold Water Challenge. In case you missed it – watch below as our staff had ice-cold water dumped on them in the name of sexual health awareness.

They aren’t the only ones; Consultants across the country have been taking on this challenge and have raised almost $2,000 for the foundation. How does it work? If someone challenges you, you have a choice of donating $100 to the Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health on the spot or donating $10 and taking the cold water “plunge” instead. I’m so thankful for this effort because it’s not just about the money – it’s also about bringing attention and social awareness to the sexual health cause, and it also shows that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make a big difference.

When I was a Consultant, I had customers ask me very personal questions at my parties that they were fearful of even asking their doctors. This continues to happen to our Pure Romance Consultants today and the questions have become even more complex. This is why we work so closely with health care practitioners and medical centers to get the right answers and make women and couples more comfortable addressing and resolving these issues in the healthiest way. By taking this challenge, you are essentially helping us progress as a society so that we never have to be afraid to say the word “sex” or “sexuality” again. We are beginning to take steps toward removing the stigmas and stereotypes of sexual related topics. Thank you to every Consultant who has participated in the Cold Water Challenge and for brining awareness to this amazing cause.

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