Always Stay a Student

I know many of you have heard me say a thousand times how important it is to stay a student, but I will say it again, when you think you know everything, that’s when you are only setting yourself up for failure. Every day I strive to learn something new and at Pure Romance we are always offering events, contests and trips that give Consultants the opportunity to do the same.

Most recently, Pure Romance just hosted a Consultant Incentive Trip in Naples, Florida, which focused on rewarding some of our up-and-coming Consultants. The company has five tiers or levels that Consultants strive to reach when building their business, and for this trip, we concentrated on the first two levels. There were some women who were brand new to the business and hungry to grow, while others had been with Pure Romance for years, and saw this as an opportunity to take their business to the next level.

I was so impressed by their drive and determination to soak up as much information as possible. It was a diverse group hailing from all over the US and on the first day of the trip they were understandably sitting back safely in their own worlds; however, by the end of the trip they were a close-knit group, networking with one another and building strong friendships and camaraderie that will no doubt last long after the trip has ended.

Pure Romance is very much like a family and as the parent company to our Consultants, we are committed to finding ways to make their businesses easier for them. This is part of the reason we love to bring the Consultants together so they can take away techniques and skills from one another that they may have never thought of before. The ultimate goal is to build teamwork and a support system that extends further than just their Pure Romance business.

I especially love our incentive trips because it gives me one-on-one time with our representatives and I enjoy getting the opportunity to get to know them better. We had several dinners where they were able to go straight to the source on some of their most important business-building questions and just share a little information about who they are, why they love what they do and how Pure Romance has changed their lives. We couldn’t be more grateful for our 40,000 plus Consultants and as long as we are in business they will always be our first utmost priority.

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  1. Gloriselly Leon

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time at a friend’s pure romance party. Ninoshka Basantes was your representative. She was very kind and funny. We loved the experience because we laughed but everything was presented in a respectful way, nothing vulgar or of bad taste. I’m planning a second party with Ninoshka and I hope to have fun like the first time!

  2. Tasha

    It’s so great to read your wisdom Patty! I just wanted to let you know that I accessed your blog via Power School! This is such a great training program for new consultants! I am so excited to see all your dreams come alive through your family and consultants! Thanks for having a dream!

  3. Jenny

    I have been a consultant for YEARS and I couldn’t agree with this article more. The most successful women #stayastudent. Thank you for the important reminder for everyone! LOVE PURE ROMANCE and PARTY SCHOOL!!

  4. Melissa Messenger

    I am here via the Party School as well! What a great tool and thank you for always being such a strong leader and staying a student, you are a wonderful example to us all!

  5. jessica Cadell

    Im here via Party school and so far loving every minute of it! Its not just great for new consultants but for everyone! I will always stay a student. Thank you Patty for Your dream!

  6. Amanda Nihiser

    Patty, Thank you for consistently providing opportunities for ALL consultants to stay students and develop into leaders throughout their own personal journey to strive to be the best PR consultant they can be. May God bless you and your team!

  7. Ronetta Johnson

    I am in the DC/MD area and I try to make every team meeting, team training and corporate training because it allows me to discover other ways to operate my business, work my parties and its a boost seeing all the sisters who are eager & rocking their businesses. I learn something each and every time I attend, so I look forward to events and staying a student to grasp ways to boost my business.

  8. Eva

    I want to thank you for PARTY SCHOOL!!!! I am very excited to do it have been a pure romance student since May 2014.

  9. Melissa Joyner Slack

    I am also here via party school and want to thank you for this opportunity to learn how to grow my business!

  10. Trinette Herring

    Thank you for creating party school for us! Since we relocated I haven’t been able to attend training and I really miss the presentations and comraderie. I really appreciate the opportunity to boost my business on my own schedule

  11. Catrina Rodriguez

    I too am here via Party School I cant wait too see how much more I can learn from this !!!

  12. Sherron Day

    Patty B (that’s what I like to call you), I am thankful for this opportunity. I guess you could say I’m still in “school mode” after having just finished two years of studying some pretty technical stuff. But, it’s great to be able to read information about the business for which I have so much passion. I am looking forward to completing Party School, not just for the points, but as a means to continue to grow as a successful business owner. Again, thank you for ALWAYS putting us first, for providing us with the tools we need and being that model of success that many of us aspire to!

  13. tina rose

    i am just getting started and look forward to learning more through the party school.

  14. Magdalena Ralat

    Thanks for this extraordinary tool that helps me to understand more of how to made the best of my bussiness at Pure Romance. I have four year in Pure Romance but I always love to learn more about my bussiness.

  15. Debra LaFleur

    I agree with Melissa! I love being a consultant for the past 11 yrs. Always being a student helps keeps me fresh. Thank you Patti for all you do for us.

  16. Lora Burton Leahey

    Thank you for offering this wonderful tool for us “newbies”! I really enjoyed doing my launch party and I am ready to take on many more! I’m so excited about my business.

  17. Valerie Spear

    Thank you for this fun and exciting education!!

  18. Rachel Peterson

    I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all you do for us Pure Romance consultants! Thank you for such a wonderful training tool with Party School…the opportunities we are given continue to amaze me!!

  19. Lindsey Thomas

    It’s so encouraging to have this tool – being a new consultant that just recently lost my 9-5 job, I needed some extra direction and I’m learning lots on the party school site. Thanks for being a “life long learner”, Patty – it’s nice to know you remain humble and know that you don’t know it all! 🙂 I’m excited to be a part of this company full of integrity. Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Meghan Civardi

    I’m excited to be a part of the pure romance family and can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn on my journey while doing the party school

  21. Jane Deamues

    so excited to continue this journey !!!!!!

  22. Maria McIntodh

    Maria MaCintosh,

    I am a new consultant! I never been part of company having so many things to help you succeed at becoming successful. I went the conference in St. Louis it was eexcitingand a lot of education on helping you.

  23. Sabrina Kirby

    I Iove to absorb, and being a sponge for Pure Romance.

  24. Shannon

    I found this article via Party School, I am a transition-er from SP and fell off last fall due to not being able to “get on board” HOWEVER after researching and reading articles (oh yes I could never give it up fully) I have found that this company truly cares about the consultants and offers so much to them and takes such good care of them that I decided to come back. This time I don’t feel like a transfer or transition-er but I finally feel like I AM PURE ROMANCE!!

  25. alicia lee

    I’ve always been a firm believer in life long learning. You have always given us the access we need for further our education to accelerate in our field of business. Thank you for being someone in my life I use as motivation, encouragement, and as a role model.

  26. Rebecca Marshall

    I have accessed this article through the coo party school. I have just signed up to become a consultant. I am looking forward to a fun, fulfilling, and rewarding career with Pure Romance. I also want to thank my sponsor Marry Potter who encouraged me to join the Pure Romance family.

  27. SHANTE


  28. Erika Redden

    I have just signed up and so excited. My friends cant wait for me to get started. I want to thank Candice Pruitt for this opportunity. I have a great feeling about this,

  29. Corynn Schneider

    I have just received my starter kit! I am so excited to begin my Pure Romance journey.

  30. carmen escamilla

    Thank for the party school

  31. Martina Crawford

    Thanks, I really needed that motivation. Just starting has been hard for me, but I am on a mission to learn something about the company everyday. Thank you again for the opportunity.

  32. Andrea Garcia

    I just started today and I am so excited to be a part of this huge team! I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about things too come.

  33. Kristi LaBom

    i became a consultant in December 2014 i think and i’m doing my first shadowing tomorrow 3/6/15 so im excited to be starting my new business and being successful……glad for more opportunities to learn

  34. Kristie

    Party school is helpful.

  35. rhonda

    Thank you for party school lots to learn all time student.

  36. Katie Bobb

    I am a newbie!! I’m so excited and eager to learn. I’v honestly only heard amazing things about the company and all the people who are part of it. 🙂

  37. Yvette Klingler

    i just received my Premium kit. i am excited to learn as much as possible so i can share the knowledge w/other women.

  38. Erica hackler

    I’m enjoying learning more and more everyday 🙂

  39. Tonya

    A newbie today. I’ve been wanting to do this since 2007. Guess it wasn’t my time then. Now it is… I couldn’t be more happier with my upline.

  40. Tammy Michelle Beene

    I have just recently became a consultant and am now completing my party school training. I have to say, I am very happy that I made the decision to join this team of wonderful ladies, and to be a part of this amazing company. Coming in I didn’t realize the amount of time and effort the company puts into training the consultants, and I must say I am very thankful that you do! Thank you!

  41. Robyn

    We are continuously learning from every experience. I am a student of and for life. Learn something new everyday.

  42. Lynn Warren Rodriquez

    I am so excited to be a part of Pure Romance.

  43. Yolanda

    I’m a newbie and I thank you very much for party school! I’m so excited to join the family! I’m looking forward to learning more and having fun doing it.

  44. Shari Swain

    Patty Brisben,
    I am very excited to start this new journey of my life. I am definitely passionate as you are for empowering women to make that next “step”. I envision that not only will we, as consultants, will be able to help people heal but stay healthy. I put alot of thought into this business by attending multiple hosted parties before making my decision. I suffered for years at limiting myself in what I could do because of lack of confidence that was unwillingly taken from me. After immediately finishing college from losing my favorite job and a failed marriage from an adulterer, I decided that after using “Pure Romance” I needed to also give other women and even men the option to stay healthy for the “one”. Not only did I sell my guitar that I loved to pay for my business, but I put my soul literally into this. I hope to reflect positive output through my constructive creativity and stamina. It is hard to get back on my feet from my ex, but know now I feel more than a woman than ever. Thank you for this opportunity. God bless for your products!

  45. Kelly W.

    I actually joined “the PR family” in March… but was still taking college classes Full-time, so now I am finally getting my Other Classes in Party School, taken care of! Tanks for the opportunity!

  46. Tessa Laskey

    I super excited to join Pure Romance and glad there is a party school to help me learn and grow to be successful….mother of three was my success but I want to go above and beyond

  47. Victoria Gilbert

    I’m Very excited about party school and the knowledge I will gain for my own life and that of my clients

  48. Robin Sill

    I am happy to have Party School available to me to learn as much as possible about my business and the products we have to offer.

  49. Marcy Peterson

    That’s what my friends call me. “the bubble student”, working with kids I always have a smile on my face and I learn right along with them because just as no party is ever the same, no student is ever the same:)

  50. Maria Simons

    I have been a consultant for years, left due to college but came back and this party school is awesome! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to learn to tricks to the trade and advancing our careers with the new products this year 🙂 Thank you!

  51. Ronda Horton

    Thanks for party school! I love to learn new things that will help me with my business!

  52. Christy Garcia

    Love Party School! What a way to motivate yourself and learn how to motivate others. Am so excited to start! Thank you Ladies! Y’all Rock!

  53. Jennifer Adkinson

    So excited to start this new venture in my life!! Finally have something to look forward to in my future and my career!!!

  54. april

    New to party school but ready and excited to learn can not wait to see what exciting things are in store on this journey and new chapter in my life.

  55. Kandis Garland

    I am so excited to be part of such an organized and thoughtful company. I am shadowing my first party today and I am thrilled to be learning so much! I am a university professor as my “day job” so life long learning is my motto! I’m so motivated to start making some money while making a difference in women’s lives!


    I REALLY ENJOYED THE PARTY I ATTENDED THAT Claudia Arevelo hosted. She was so charismatic that it made it a comfortable and easy going party. I didn’t order anything that day, however; it aroused my senses to the curiosity that I could have fun and make money at the say time! Go Claudia!

  57. Pamela

    I’m new to the company and I’m excited to learn

  58. Christal Davis

    I am here as a result of the acquisition of Passion Parties on January 11, 2016. I was a consultant with them for 4 years this month. I am excited for my new journey although I am scared at the same time. I am excited to see my personal business growth and my team of Star Fire Diva’s grow as well. Thank you Patty!

  59. Cynthia Buchanan

    I joined on an impulse not knowing a thing about the company. I’m thrilled with tools available. I will be driving 500 miles for the empowerment training in SLC. I’m ready to learn.

  60. April Styron

    I have recently reactivated my Consultant account. I am simply blown away by all of the new and exciting features that you have added, including The Party School ! I am excited to begin this journey again and can’t wait to achieve my personal as well a business goals. Thank you for all the support Pure Romance !

  61. Tammy Allen

    So excited to be part of such an exciting company. In just the last few day’s I have been so impressed buy your systems, your staff and your professionalism. Thank you for igniting my fire again!!

  62. SherryLynn

    I am so happy I heard you say words I have been saying to my business partners for years! It validates to me that everything happens for a reason…as did Pure Romance acquiring Passion Parties. I feel like I have been adopted by Daddy Warbucks…and I’m LOVING it. After 11 yrs in the industry I am stoked to be with you all.

  63. Sue Orr

    I’m a new consultant, transitioning from Passion Parties. I want to learn all I can to have a successful business. Has been hard to book parties here where I live, so I need to learn how to get beyond the folks who RSVP no’s.

  64. Tamekia primer

    I’m transition from passion party and ready to learn new thing and meet new people.

  65. Toi Jackson

    I am a new consultant getting into the groove of things. Purchased my kit, had a rough launch 1 day after receipt, and one after another a train of pitfalls entered my life. Immediately following Empowerment Summit in my town, “FOCUS” is my middle name! I’m grateful for this opportunity and thrilled to see where this journey takes me. I have officially been inspire!

  66. Dezerae

    Thank you for sharing this Patty. You are truly an inspiration.

  67. Bonnie Zaioczkowski

    I am so excited to be starting my New Business with Pure Romance. I truly love my Sponsor Jenn Ochs I have seen with my own eyes how much she love what she does, and it shows! I am inspired by her contagious enthusiasm about her Pure Romance Business, her love and concern for her sister consultants. Watching her a young mother of two small children and still be able to go out and party and get paid to have fun and educate other women is what encourage me to Go For It!! So here I am almost 59 years young and starting my own Pure Romance business!
    Thank you Jenn for being my inspiration to step out of my comfort zone, showing me I too can see my dreams come true!

  68. Charlotte Hammack

    Looking forward to a banging 2017! I am so excited about the new products and love sharing them with my family and friends.

  69. Jessica Rivera

    Great Read! Looking forward to this new Year and venture! Thanks!

  70. shauna rous

    Thank you for all the helpful tips xo

  71. Melissa Middlebrooks

    Thank you for the tips I am super excited to start this new journey in my life.

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