Your Relationship with YOU

I just got back from Ft. Lauderdale to film a segment for a new show called Beauty Spaces. On set, there was a Correspondent and three women who asked me an array of questions about the role that beauty and maintenance play in relationships. Now, when most people think about relationships, they usually think about the two people involved and how they relate to one another, but so often they don’t focus on the importance of setting time aside to nurture themselves as an individual. How can you bring anything to the table if you are completely focused on your significant other?

You should absolutely also focus on yourself and continue growing even when happily attached; afterall, this is what’s going to keep your relationship interesting and fresh as you both collectively grow over the years. Below are some of my suggestions on ways to do continue to do this, whether you’re newly courting or in a seasoned marriage.

Pamper yourself! You can soak in our Champagne-infused bubble bath (Romance Bubbles) or dab a little pheromone-infused Basic Instinct on your neck and wrists to feel especially sexy and confident. Pampering yourself is about loving you and making time for yourself. So often women put everyone else’s needs before their own. This not only leaves you feeling burned out, but also a tad bit resentful as well. So pencil in time for you and watch the positive effects spill into your personal life and your relationship.

Explore new hobbies. We often get so wrapped up in our routines that we lose ourselves in the process. Remember when you were young and everything was intriguing or fascinating, even when it was something as small as a cartoon or a newly blossomed flower? Keep that same sense of intrigue throughout life and you will be surprised the passions you will discover. The great thing about passion is how contagious it can really be. When your partner sees your newfound passion, it won’t be long before that passion is spreading like wildfire to the bedroom!

Focus on your well-being. There are so many health publications, websites and television shows out there that can give you tips and ideas of ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. When you feel better about your health, you not only feel better, you look better. And that added energy and sense of contentment, again, is an amazing aphrodisiac.

Don’t focus on the past. The future is yours. Don’t waste time dwelling on the past; this is true in relationships and with life in general. Use your past mistakes and experiences to learn and move on. When you look at it this way, you will be moving into a healthier arena of relationships and happiness.

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