When You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling

I am constantly receiving emails from women looking for advice to keep the “spark” alive within their intimate lives. It is important to remember that this can be a challenge for anyone. On a day-to-day basis our lives can become hectic and managing the juggling act can be overwhelming. The stress of our career, maintaining relationships within our social circle and family, getting the kids to their extracurricular activities throughout the week, and taking care of our domestic responsibilities, can be taxing. In this fast paced society, where we rely on our cell phones and the internet for communication, cultivating intimacy and keeping the so called “spark” alive tends to get pushed aside. There doesn’t seem to be enough time throughout the day, and with the time we do have left at the end of the day, all we want to do is relax. Catching up on our DVR and going to bed early enough to do the juggling act all over again is the most appealing option for most of us. Often times we feel that our partner is the one stable, solid foundation we have, so they should understand if we put the “relationship” off until tomorrow, the next day, next week, or next month! This is a very easy thing to do, and the fastest way to drive a wedge between yourself and the one person you once lusted for and still love. With the blink of an eye you might find yourself staring across the breakfast table at a complete stranger.

There are simple gestures that you can incorporate daily to rejuvenate your relationship. These are things that can fit easily in your every day routine. Let’s face it; most people are exhausted at the end of the day, so you typically find yourself in front of the television. Why not suggest a sensual foot massage. I recommend using Pure Romance’s Serenity, which is an anti-stress aromatherapy massage lotion, for added pleasure. Any form of massage will release endorphins in the brain, which will make you feel fantastic, while also helping you to relax. Massage is a great way to communicate without ever having to say a word. When you touch your partner lovingly, they feel cared for and adored, and this is essential in any intimate relationship. Another easy way to make your partner feel special is by leaving a little note or card somewhere they will find it. The note can be simple, just reminding them that you love them. Pure Romance’s games and foreplay products are a great way to bring back some fun into your relationship. The I.O.U. game is a perfect way to drop a little note in the morning to get your partner excited about coming home to you later. With 42 pull tab cards it is convenient and easy to set one out as often as you want! It is sure to heat up passion and anticipation, and will go a long way to improving your intimate relationship.

These small tokens of appreciation are a great place to start in terms of reigniting that flame. Communication is paramount in any relationship, so if you have been putting that much needed maintenance to your relationship it is time to open those lines of communication now. Pure Romance carries several adult games that can make communication fun for you and your lover. I highly suggest trying the new Date Night Game, which I developed myself and tested on actual couples. Over time we all change; our favorite color, foods, and sexual pleasures can all change. Those small changes can be very important; they are part of who we are and where we are in our present lives. The Date Night game will allow you and your partner to get to know each other all over again. The game is fun, and a sure fire way to add some much needed spice in your relationship.

If this information hits close to home, it is time for you to slow down and get back in touch with your intimate relationship. Pure Romance offers so many products that can spice things up and open the lines of communication between you and your partner. Sometimes a simple gesture is all it takes to maintain those loving feelings.

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