‘Til Death Do Us Part

One of our top Consultants was recently a guest as part of a panel on the popular Fox morning show Mike & Juliet discussing the role of monogamy in today’s society. The show featured a young engaged couple who had agreed to have a one-way open relationship (and impending marriage for that matter), while the other couple included a Pure Romance Consultant and her husband of 19 years who were not only happily married but had three wonderful children to boot.

The segment came about after Swedish researchers released findings that a specific gene coding in humans could possibly determine whether men are “serial commitment-phobes or devoted husbands.” While watching the show, I couldn’t help but think to myself that in an age where the divorce rate is well over 50%, it’s often easy to make excuses or blame our biological makeup when relationships fall apart. But the truth is compared to most non-monogamous mammals we are a highly intelligent species that should have the higher knowledge that anything worth having is worth working for – especially our most intimate relationships. No relationship is perfect and there will always be inevitable ups and downs when you talk about a life-long commitment with someone, but there are so many ways to renew that spark if you’re willing to make the effort. Whether it’s incorporating new and playful items in the bedroom or taking the time to do the little things that will nurture the love you fostered when you first found one another, the secret is in truly investing the time and energy into your relationship. So if you find yourself discouraged by those who tell you to give up when the going gets rough, take some comfort in Pure Romance. After all, we work with thousands of couples every day who are rediscovering the love and intimacy they thought was lost years after saying “I do,” and we have full confidence that you or someone you love can, too.

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