A Tour of Wine Country

I just got back from an amazing trip with some of our top Consultants in Napa Valley. From our very first tour and tasting at the Beringer Vineyards to the multitude of other tastings, everyone quickly learned that a good wine is defined as what tastes good to you. You may have the most wonderful $20 bottle and the worst $150 bottle, it all depends on your tastes.

We also tasted different champagnes at the Domaine Chandon, toured the Artesa Vineyards and had the wonderful opportunity to visit the family vineyard of Rich Frank, the former President of Disney (best summarized as during the Little Mermaid to the Lion King era). The Consultants absolutely adored him and we couldn’t have asked for a more charismatic and down-to-earth host.

We wrapped up the trip with an amazing dinner in an actual cave at the Clos Pegase Estate Winery – as if that wasn’t incredible enough, after dining we were treated to a candle-lit serenade from doubly talented top Pure Romance Consultant and Operatic singer Brocha Evans. I think the Consultants would have agreed the experience as a whole could be best described as absolutely beautiful and truly other-worldly!

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