Atlanta Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Last night I had my second book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Atlanta which followed the more typical in-store protocol. About a half an hour before it was about to begin, I was standing in line at the adjoining Starbucks when I heard the store manager make an announcement that “Pure Romance CEO and author of Pure Romance Between the Sheets would be signing books tonight”. Lo and behold, I suddenly got a small case of the butterflies. Even though I’ve spoken before thousands of Consultants (versus the small crowd of bookworms and Consultants that night), I always still find myself a little nervous before doing something a bit new or different. But I forged ahead because I truly believe when we embrace a new experience, that’s when we grow both personally and professionally the most.

Ironically the chairs were set up directly in front of the Children’s Books section – not the most convenient location for a presentation and discussion on sexuality, but hey, it wasn’t difficult to keep the discussion discreet and classy – after all, we’ve been doing it successfully for over a decade with Pure Romance! Besides the women sitting in the back who had to tune the occasional farm animal noises or other interruptions caused by children opening and re-opening sound-interactive books, the presentation and the subsequent book signing was a great success! The chairs were all filled (with even a couple women standing) and I was so appreciative to discover that in addition to many Georgia Pure Romance Consultants, we also had Consultants who drove a few hours from Tennessee to be there with me for the event. I can’t thank all those who attended for the continued support!

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