There’s sexy science behind pumpkin spice!

Have you noticed how early pumpkin spice everything arrived on the shelves this year? It seems as if we were still on the beach and all of a sudden everything pumpkin spice from donuts to coffee to cereal was on sale. Well, even if you’re not a fan right now of pumpkin spice, you might be once you find out it can spice up your love life!

In an article for, Lee Ann Obringer writes about scents being powerful aphrodisiacs, including, yes, pumpkin spice. But first, how they work:

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago and the author of Scentsational Sex, did a study on how smells affected our arousal. And he found out several scents can be turn-ons, including cheese pizza, buttered popcorn, lavender and, yes, pumpkin pie. Even licorice candy can be arousing!

In an earlier article in the New York Daily News, Dr. Hirsch noted that the combination of the lavender and pumpkin pie scents increased penile blood flow up to 40 percent. Even vanilla and strawberry smells can be arousing.

If you’re making the pumpkin pie from scratch, don’t throw away those seeds. “The most important element of the pumpkin are the seeds themselves,” said Palm Beach Gardens Alternative medicine expert Dr. Ralph Monserrat.

“Pumpkin seeds are very rich in zinc. That, in itself, is very valuable in individuals who have prostate enlargement…because they are very rich in zinc, there will be an increase in testosterone and that increase will also increase the sexual desire,” said Monserrat.

The perfume industry was built on the premise that scent can attract a prospective mate. Now, you can add a pumpkin spice latte to your dating ritual as well! Want to read more? Here are the links:

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