Get Moving for PBF!

You all know what passion I have for the Patty Brisben Foundation. It’s certainly a project close to my heart, especially now that we’re spreading the word around the world that #sexualhealthmatters.

Because of the generosity of thousands of people like you, we can continue to fund important research while educating more than 10 million women a year about the beauty of their bodies. We fund projects, research and grants around the world, but the work is never completely finished. We need donations to continue helping these women with their sexual health and sexual education.

That’s why, again this year, we are partnering with the Queen Bee Half Marathon its Medpace 4 Mile event to raise money for the Patty Brisben Foundation through a virtual 4 miler. The first year we partnered with the Queen Bee, you raised more than $10,000 for the Foundation and we want to do it again!

A virtual event is simple: You can do four miles whenever you want—two miles today, two miles next week, or however your schedule works. You can do them by yourself, on a treadmill, with a group of friends or your fellow Consultants. You can even make a party of it, as many Consultants have done, bringing in friends and family for a Saturday afternoon picnic, and finish the four miles then!

However you do the four miles, remember that you are doing them for women around the world who don’t have the access to sexual health and education that we do. You are helping women empower themselves, with the knowledge that there’s nothing wrong, dirty or embarrassing about sexual health. You are leading women down the path of taking charge of their own sexual health, and that’s a powerful message.

So be part of the Queen Bee Medpace 4 Mile event, and be part of a worldwide movement to remind everyone that #sexualhealthmatters! Sign up here!

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