Celebrate World Sexual Health Month!

Did you know September is World Sexual Health Month? Started by the World Association for Sexual Health in 2010, this month-long celebration is a way to help spread greater awareness for the importance of sexual health education across the globe!

What exactly is sexual health education? Well, it certainly goes beyond those sex ed classes many of us had to squirm through in high school. “’Just say no’ never really worked in curbing substance use and it certainly doesn’t help in equipping young people to navigate a world of complicated choices around sex and reproductive health,” the ASHA says. “Too often our sexual education curricula are based on politics rather than science.”

Education also means educating yourself about your sexual health. “Talking to a healthcare provider about your sexual health can be intimidating,” the ASHA says. “However, being able to talk to your healthcare provider about your physical health as it relates to your sexual health is absolutely crucial.”

The ASHA suggests 10 questions you should be asking your healthcare provider about your own sexual health, including:

  • How do I talk to my partner about sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections?
  • What are my options when it comes to birth control?
  • I’ve been feeling differently about sex recently. Can we talk about what might be going on?
  • What screenings are recommended for someone my age?

“The questions you may want to ask your healthcare provider can cover a wide range of topics,” the ASHA says, “from changes in sex drive, dealing with sex during pregnancy, pain during sex, protecting your fertility, what form of contraception would be best, or other issues.

“If you feel uncomfortable with your healthcare provider for any reason, follow your instincts; ask around for other recommendations,” the group adds. “Your good health depends on your ability to communicate and rely on your healthcare provider! You might have to try more than one before you feel completely comfortable.”

Any month is a good time to learn more about your sexual health, but this month is set aside to take the steps you need to educate yourself, and your partner. You can read the entire list of 10 questions to ask your doctor, and other sexual health suggestions from the ASHA, here!

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