How many times have you seen that hashtag over the last couple of weeks?

The discussion surrounding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct has turned into a national forum on sexual harassment and abuse, both in and out of the workplace.

While more and more women are using the hashtag in social media posts to say they, too, have been harassed or worse, we’re learning that the movement actually started when the hashtag symbol was still known as a number sign.

The New York Times over the weekend ran a feature on Tarana Burke, who, some 10 years ago, created a nonprofit, Just Be, Inc., that helps victims of sexual assault and harassment. At that time, she gave her movement a name: Me Too.

Of course, it was actress Alyssa Milano who helped the #metoo hashtag movement catch fire this past week, not knowing that Burke had been using itor her own nonprofit. Two days after first tweeting about #metoo, after she found out about Burke’s cause, Milano reached out to Burke and even gave Burke credit in a “Good Morning, America” interview.

However the conversation started, the important thing to remember is, we are now talking about something that most of us have kept hidden in our pasts. As consultants, you may find that your clients are now more willing to talk about #metoo moments when you sit down with them in the privacy of the order room.

We’re talking about it. Now, let’s listen to each other. And make sure the movement lasts longer than a 140-character tweet.

Want to read more about Tarana Burke and her nonprofit? Here’s the New York Times link: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/20/us/me-too-movement-tarana-burke.html

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