Thanking Those Who Serve

This week many of us will celebrate our military and especially our veterans as we lead up to Saturday’s Veterans Day commemoration on November 11. But acknowledging the sacrifices our armed forces make every day to keep us safe shouldn’t be a one-week thing. In fact, one of our Pure Romance Consultants has made it her mission to make sure female members of the military get to enjoy some of the comforts of home throughout the year while on active duty.

Consultant Jennifer Bary heads up a 501c3 non profit called The WOW Project (@Womenofwarproject on Facebook or Based at Eglin Air Force Base, The WOW Project sends care packages of specialty products, including Pure Romance skin care products, to women who are serving in the military who have been nominated by friends or family.

“We just sent our 300th box,” said Jennifer. “We are hurting for donations as we are receiving requests from all over the country faster than we can fund them. We fulfilled a request for 30 boxes to a special forces unit here locally. The 30 women were the largest contingency of women that unit has ever sent at once.

“They were sent to an undisclosed location,” Jennifer added, “and for the first time ever, this unit has a female in charge of the operation. A pretty big deal!”

Volunteers from members of local Boy Scout troops to veterans and retirees help pack the boxes and get them ready for shipping. “We even had a former member of the Women’s Air Corp who packed for us,” said Jennifer.

Sent with each box is a letter to the women who are serving, as a quick ‘thank you’ to let them know they are not forgotten back home. “If someone wants to send a card or letter, we will include them in the boxes,” she said. “These ladies often leave their children behind, so we try to include letters from children. The ladies often mention those are very cherished items for them.”

So as we celebrate our military this week, let’s not forget the women who are on the front lines and who have left their families behind to keep us safe. If you’d like to help The WOW Project by sending a card or letter, the address is PO Box 1776, Eglin AFB, FL 32542. You can donate on the Facebook page by clicking the donate button or mailing in a donation at the address above. And thank a veteran or someone on active duty this week.

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