February: Our Busiest Time of the Year

If you own and operate a Pure Romance business, you know that February can be as overwhelming as holiday shopping season or Black Friday for the rest of the world. Valentine’s Day makes this month “love month” and everyone is thinking about unique gifts for the one they love.StarterKitsNew

Most people are concerned with making dinner reservations far enough in advance that they aren’t stuck with the 4 p.m. or 10 p.m. time slot. Meanwhile, our Consultants are so busy they don’t even know what day it is! It’s easy for our Consultants to feel guilty about how many hours they are working – they are booking limitless parties, helping last minute shoppers, keeping crazy customer service hours – all in the name of love (not just for lovers, but their love of their businesses).

If you’re a Consultant reading this, below are some things to think about during this busy time that will help you feel good about your success and keep you on track.

  • Communicate with your family and friends. I can’t stress this enough. – communication is the glue that keeps relationships together. When you are working your business, keep your family and friends in the loop on what your schedule is like. Make sure they are on board with your goals and support you. Knowing this will ensure that you know they have your back when you are hitting your busier seasons. Everything falls into place with consistent communication.
  • Encourage your inner circle to be your cheerleaders. Let your family and friends know how much it means to you to have them cheer you and the success of your business on and keep them involved in the process – after all, they share in your success.
  • Make an effort to find balance that makes sense for you and your unique circumstances. When I was working as a Consultant, it didn’t matter if it was a pizza party on a weeknight or a lunch squeezed in between three parties, I made sure that I found the time to show my family and friends I cared. I always believed, and still do believe, that I’d rather fall into bed at night from exhaustion from doing what I loved rather than worry about where I’d get my next paycheck.
  • Reward yourself. As a successful Pure Romance Consultant, your schedule will be busy all year-round, not just in February. You should never feel guilty about this! This is what you’ve been trained to do – working smarter, not harder. And don’t forget to give back to you! When you do have some downtime, use some of that time to get a massage or manicure, or whatever it is that makes you feel pampered. You are your own boss, so you’re in charge of giving yourself that “bonus” you deserve!

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  1. Melissa Messenger

    it is the most wonderful time of the year! Happy Love Month Patty!

  2. Kathryn Howard

    As a consultant I do feel incredibly busy this time of year. My husband and kids know, we do this now so we can do fun things in July. Now that my Pure Romance business is my full time job the flexibility in scheduling is amazing. Even though I am swamped with work (which is a great thing) putting in a lot of hours, they are the hours I choose. I still make it to teacher conferences, student art exhibits, sporting and scouting events, and anything else I want to because I control my schedule. All of these things were not always possible when I worked for someone else. I do hit my pillow exhausted every night but I hardly have time to concentrate on that with everything I’m accomplishing. Every year around this time I fall in love with my business all over again for everything it’s blessed my family with! Thank you for everything you do Patty!!

  3. Rolanda Chaney

    Communication is so important in my life. Helping woman on a daily bases can sometimes drain me. So taking care of me has to become important also….don’t forget about the Boss. I love blogs they are a good rememinder and help get me right on track. Thanks Pure Romance. XO

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