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pattyblogthinkhardworkhardAfter returning from the Pure Romance Consultant incentive trip to Miami, Florida, this past month, I couldn’t help but think back to what business incentives meant to me when I was first starting my career.

In the late ’80s, I was a top-selling Consultant for Fun Parties, and I’ll never forget the day that I earned my very first car allowance. At the time, I was driving what my kids called the “junker,” and with that new bonus I was finally able to walk into a dealership and buy my dream car, a cherry red Dodge Daytona right off the showroom floor! It had a sunroof, and I got personalized license plates that read: FUNPTY. I was so proud of this accomplishment and couldn’t wait to drive to my children’s school to pick them up. To this day, I’ll never forget the looks on their faces when they saw me pull up in our new shiny car.

This was just one of many experiences that propelled my children to do well in their own lives because they watched their mom work hard and be rewarded for her determination and dedication. My business was not only about being financially successful; it was also about creating a reason for my children to believe in me and in themselves. It was about showing them that hard work really does pay off. When I earned incentive trips or traveled to conventions in exciting locations, I always strived to share these trips with my kids. Whenever possible, I brought them along to travel and enjoy the benefits of my work.

What’s funny is that before becoming a Consultant, I never would have ventured to many of these places until someone took my hand and showed me the way. Without incentives, I would have missed out on incredibly rewarding experiences—and what’s more, so would my children. That’s why I strive to offer our own Pure Romance Consultants the experience of a lifetime when they earn an incentive trip.

There’s nothing more rewarding for me now than seeing the Consultants who have worked so hard and have dedicated themselves to their businesses squeal in excitement over winning well-deserved incentives. It’s equally rewarding to see how they go back to their teams and encourage other Consultants, telling them that they can do it, too.

A Pure Romance incentive trip is about more than just going somewhere fun or exotic; it’s about providing an opportunity for sister Consultants to get together, network and expand on their businesses. It’s also a time to celebrate and affirm that hard work still pays off, just as it did when I was first starting out.

In Miami, I loved seeing some of the women getting ready for their spa treatments—many of whom had never been to a spa before. That’s my fuel: being able to give back and being able to provide these experiences to Consultants and tell them how important they are—not just because they’re Consultants, but because they are moms, wives, sisters. Sometimes we fail to give back to ourselves, and it is truly one of my favorite things to remind these hardworking women that they deserve it.

I can’t tell you how many times I hear women say they just can’t find time, or watch them focus all of their attention on everyone else. The thing they forget is that we are better mothers and leaders when we take time for ourselves. I let all the women in my life know it’s important to reward yourself; for example, I remind my daughter (a busy mother and wife) to take time to relax with a bath once in a while. She must be taking my advice because she said her husband is always complaining about the water bill!

I just called all of the winners of the upcoming Puerto Rico Incentive Trip and loved hearing each Consultant scream with excitement after hearing me on the other end of the phone! I told them to make sure to really enjoy this experience, and use it to give themselves even more motivation for both their business and personal life when they get back.

To the Consultants reading this post, as you continue to strive to be on the next incentive trip, let it also be a reminder of what you deserve! Know the fuel it’s going to give you when you accomplish your goals, and the tools it will provide you and your sister Consultants long after the trip ends.

You deserve this. You can earn this. All it takes is effort. And when you do earn it, let it be the first of many!


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