The 5th Annual Patty Brisben Foundation Fundraising Gala

I opened my mailbox today and was so excited to finally receive the photos from our 5th Annual Patty Brisben Foundation Fundraising Gala! The sold out event was held at Nada restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, and supporters came from all over the country to rally for women’s sexual health.

This year we were pleased to present the Award of Excellence to Dr. Beverly Whipple, a woman who has dedicated over 40 years of her life to helping better women’s lives. The ever popular Balloon Blast was a crowd favorite and guests danced into the late hours of the night.

Thank you to all who dedicated their time, money and energy into making this year’s event an amazing success!

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  1. Vickie Magliano

    What a “Fantastic” evening it was! The energy and excitement was flowing through out the whole evening. NADA a great location to have the event smack in the middle of downtown Cincinnati. A place to bring people out of their comfort zone. GREAT JOB!

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