Stripper Pole in the Bedroom: A Do or Don’t?

Regardless of your feelings about the profession of stripping itself, a Stripper Pole in the bedroom can be not only great for your sex life, but also for bringing out the inner vixen within. Not to mention, it’s a great form of exercise for those of you out there who love to be active but dread going to the gym! Some of you may be wondering where to begin; however, there are so many great instructional videos that can teach you moves that will take seductive dancing to the next level. Strippers may make dancing look easy, but there’s often a great deal of choreography and “strategic” moves where their sole purpose is to turn on their audience.

Using a prop such as this can be a lot of fun for you and your partner because it introduces a sense of playfulness and often puts couples into a giggly or giddy state. It’s not only fun for you but is a gift (that keeps on giving) that you give to yourself and your significant other.

If you’re nervous about it, but want to try, simply take it slow; a Pure Romance Party is a great way to purchase and learn more about how to use this product and your Consultant can share ways to open the doors of communication on introducing the Stripper Pole into the bedroom. It’s so important to be able to express yourself emotionally, mentally and physically (or sexually) in a relationship and if this is something that interests you let your partner know. You should always be able to speak openly and if your partner truly loves you he won’t pass judgment on you or nix it until you’ve tried it!

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