“He Would Be My Ex, If It Weren’t for the Sex!”

Although, easily misconstrued, today’s blog is not to be confused with “Make-up Sex”. Make up sex is generally defined as gratifying, emotionally-charged sex which takes place after an intense argument. But what happens in a relationship where the fighting outweighs everything BUT great sex?

You would be amazed out how many couples out there are leading fully dysfunctional relationships solely because the sex is great. I’m not here to pass judgment; however, I am a big proponent of leading healthy and empowered lives and one way to do that is to invest in healthy relationships whether that is coupled up with another person or flying solo. In fact, one of the reasons Pure Romance is so popular is because we do offer products that can offer you pleasure as an alternative to an unhealthy relationship. However, nothing can replace human touch or the intimacy that comes from connecting with another human being so it’s always worth doing some soul-searching to determine what is causing the constant conflict and if it is something you both are willing to put the effort in to resolve. It may even be necessary to seek outside professional help to get to the bottom of it.

There are also those cases where we jump into relationships without getting to know the other person and continue to see one another strictly because of sexual chemistry, but this sort of fuel is bound to eventually burn out in which case a solid friendship based on communication and understanding is needed to keep the relationship going.

Whatever the case, you have to be honest with yourself. God gave us a gut for a reason. It helps us make great decisions especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Sometimes people are afraid to get out of a relationship because they fear they won’t be able to find someone else or because they’ve invested so much time into it, but if it’s in constant turmoil nothing (not even great sex) should be a factor to make you stay. You will only be cheating yourself.

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