In Good Company

After an exhilarating week at convention in Las Vegas, I am finally able to relax and reflect upon the memories that were made, and I must say, everyone looked superb! I was very fortunate to be able to speak with Consultants old and new, and as always, many stories were shared. The selflessness exhibited by so many of you was extraordinary and is an inspiration to your sister Consultants everywhere! The way you lift one another up truly captures the essence of Pure Romance.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having this type of a support system. Having someone to share your successes, as well as your fears and anxieties with is extremely important. I was able to observe the pride in the eyes of so many of your significant others during the awards ceremony. It was truly amazing to see so many men honor the hard work that their wives and girlfriends put into their business. However, single ladies take note! This support system does not have to come in the form of a significant other. Friends and family members are just as important! Take for example the wonderful group of Puerto Rican Consultants who shared their hearts with me. Several of these ladies discovered Pure Romance after experiencing difficulties in this devastating economy. By making sacrifices and standing by one another, they were able to make the Las Vegas trip a reality.

This brings me to my second point which deals with the age-old notion of Karma. While what goes around does not always come around, it sure can pay well! This is where I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, Pay it Forward. In the film, 12-year old Trevor commits a series of good deeds in hopes that each person will “pay” the deed forward, thus continuing to strike good will in the hearts of others! The funny thing is, Trevor does not see the results of his deeds right away. Often time selfless acts come without tangible reward. We must know that action does not come without consequence, and that something positive will occur in the future! Capturing both of these ideas is Corinne Kinscherf. She is one of your sister Consultants who ranked in the top eight for boasting the most convention credits. She was given the choice between a two-year car lease, and 10,000 dollars in cash. Corinne was the only one of eight women who chose the car! I had the opportunity to talk to Corinne about her decision, and her response was overwhelmingly sweet. She stated that her husband had never in his life had a new car, and because he is so supportive of her, she wanted him to have something nice to drive. Off to the BMW dealership, lucky guy!

That is just the point that I wanted to drive home. As individuals, we are only as good as the company we surround ourselves with, and by sticking with positive, uplifting people and paying it forward, the only thing that will “come around” is good fortune!

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