Kiss & Tell

Pure Romance just launched its first ever exclusive Kiss & Tell Lip Gloss line and Lip Plumper, dubbed the Perfect Pout. The collection of tasty Kiss & Tell glosses are formulated to make soft, slow kisses even better, while the Perfect Pout serum contains essential oils proven to increase blood flow and stimulate the lips, making them plump to perfection. We’ve gotten a wonderful response so far and our customers love the cute and playful titles. While charming and fitting names for our products, kissing and telling isn’t always the way to go when it comes to relationships, and this couldn’t have been more true than with the coinciding news of John Mayer and Jessica Simpson which emerged ironically at the same time as the kick-off of this new line!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there aren’t many people who haven’t heard about the latest John Mayer media fiasco. Let’s just say he might need a publicist, and if he has one, perhaps he should start considering a replacement. I say this because of his Playboy interview where he decided to share sexual experiences with former girlfriend Jessica Simpson with the entire world (without her consent or prior knowledge) and calling her “sexual napalm” in the process. Sexual intimacy is just that: an intimate experience shared by individuals and should be respected as private unless both parties feel otherwise. There was such a lack of regard for her feelings that there is probably little chance of salvaging a friendship with her in the future.

Celebrities aside, I can think of many times men and women have shared unsolicited personal information with me which left me not only uncomfortable for, but also empathizing with the person at the heart of the gossip. From a friend who told me his ex-girlfriend brought a stuffed animal to their bed every night to a woman I barely knew complaining to an entire group of women that her husband was small – and let’s just say I’m not talking about his height or weight!

Don’t get me wrong; we all need that close friend that we can use as a sounding board, but be careful of taking it too far and expecting your friends to be your relationship or sex therapist. If you’re one of those people who is guilty of serial kissing and telling, maybe you should ask yourself what you are gaining by broadcasting your personal life and out of respect for your partner, pick and choose what you feel is worth making public information; you’ll look like the bigger person, and also protect yourself from a negative image in the long run.

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