Variety is the Spice of Life

People sometimes mislabel women as “picky”…picky about shoes, picky about purses and picky about men. I say, darn right we are! So, there is no surprise that we are picky about what we bring into the bedroom. I love giving my customers (picky or not) options and this is one reason why Pure Romance is such a good fit for women.

Where else can you “test drive” every product before you buy? Your Pure Romance Consultant will let you touch, taste and try everything (in an appropriate manner, of course!) you want before you buy. Sometimes with so many flavors, it’s hard to pick. That is why I love our variety packs!

Our Sensations Martini Collection will give Martini Mondays a new meaning! It’s the perfect choice to get your favorite playful lubricant in a variety of flavors. The Chocolate Martini, Green Apple Martini and Lemon Drop Martini flavor will heat up any date night without leaving the house! Put a dime-sized amount on the skin. Add a little friction, and the lubricant warms. Give a gentle blow, and the air-activated formula delivers exciting heat in a cool martini flavor!

The Whipped Variety Pack is like dessert on the go! The scrumptious set of Raspberry Truffle, Sugar Cookie and White Chocolate Fluff will appease the pickiest dessert fans! This creamy lubricant pairs well with Pure Romance’s C-Rings and Male Stimulators and is rich enough to be used as an erotic massage cream. So, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Great Head Variety Pack, one of Pure Romance’s hottest sellers, was created to make oral favors more enjoyable for both partners. We’ve gone a step above to increase your pleasure with additional flavors. Available in Blueberry, Butterscotch and Passion Fruit, these Great Head flavors will help relax the gag reflex and provide delicious flavors so you enjoy this favor as much as he does.

The Coochy Variety Pack is just fantastic! It gives you one of our top sellers in four amazing fragrances – Pear Betty, Fragrance Free, Green Tea, and Original. This variety of rash-free shaving cream is designed for both men and women. It’s the perfect pack to share with your partner or your best gal pal. You can pick the fragrances you like the most, and share the rest with them. Doubling as a shave cream as well as a gentle hair conditioner you will have the softest skin no matter what scent you choose.

The Aura Mini Set might just be the best thing ever created. These massage oils have been formulated with a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts that provide a skin-softening, non-greasy feel. Use your favorite scent with your favorite technique for a massage you will never forget. Heat the Eucalyptus Lavender for a warm, soothing massage. Pair the Ginger Jasmine with the Hot Heart Massager to ease sore, tense and aching muscles. And try our Seductive Sage with the Super Delux Mitten for an erotic massage that they will be asking for on a daily basis. It’s the perfect travel size to bring on vacation with that special someone.

The Mini Nights of Passion is for those who want it all! This combo pack of Pure Romance’s top selling products is perfect for first time users, to give as a gift, or enjoy yourself. Including a 1 oz. travel size of: Body Dew (our moisturizing body and bath oil), Coochy (our rash-free shave cream), Just Like Me (our pH balanced, water-based lubricant), Lickity Stiff (our 3-in-1 product: massage cream, lubricant, and sensitizer for him), and Sensations (our warming lubricant); this will please pretty much everyone!

So, no matter how picky you are, we have something that will make your choice to bring a new product into the bedroom easier than ever picking out a new pair of shoes.

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