Staying “On Top of Your Game”

Love and Football

We just recently held our National Training at Duke Energy Center where over 1,500 Consultants flew in from all over the United States to hear from world renowned speakers and partake in classes that would perfect their businesses.

The first night of the Training, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman who had played in the NFL for the last ten years and had just recently retired from playing football. Embarking on various new business ventures, he was invited by one of our speakers to witness first-hand the personal connection we hold with our Consultants.

Now many people would wonder what on earth do a NFL retiree and the CEO of a company specializing in romance products talk about? Well, there is always a common ground in business and life and we quickly found ourselves chatting after the first night’s events about the history of Pure Romance and our families.

Happily married for fourteen years to his college sweetheart, he was a man that seemed to be very wise in the ways of keeping his wife happy and putting the work in to maintain his relationship. Suddenly a metaphor emerged. I guess football and love have more in common than we know!

Women so often get comfortable in relationships and suddenly stop fussing with their appearance. They don’t take the time to pamper themselves. They don’t do that little extra to catch the eye of their lover. But why not? When we’re single many of us wouldn’t step foot outside of the house looking like we just rolled out of bed – after all, we could meet someone and want to look our very best! Why should this change just because someone has already declared they love you? You should still want to surprise them with sexy outfits or a new haircut now and then. This isn’t shallow. This is putting effort into being the best you can be for your partner no matter if you’ve been together for two days or 20 years.

This NFL player had his own analogy – as talented as he was, that didn’t mean he was ready to play every time he stepped on the field for a game. In fact, there were some days where he wasn’t in the mood to play at all, but he was committed and he did what it took to get the job done. He was ‘on top of his game’.

There is always a woman around the corner who will spend the time on herself to look and feel as beautiful as she is and your partner should know that he has no need to worry about that, because he has a woman like this waiting for him the second he walks through the door to go home. So remember that the next time you think you don’t need to make any ongoing effort to be the ‘best version of you’ just because he loves you.

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