Sexual Independence Day

When most people think of Fourth of July the first word that comes to mind is independence. This has always been an important theme throughout my career and throughout the history of Pure Romance. When I started out as a Consultant I wanted to experience the freedom that came with owning and operating my own business, and the freedom to learn about my sexuality, body and intimate relationships without being embarrassed or ashamed.

Today, Pure Romance continues to give women permission to do this both in and out of the bedroom, and I couldn’t be prouder of our Consultants who are out in the community providing the tools for sexual independence for others.

Whether you are looking for freedom to explore new worlds of intimacy in your relationship this month, or you are interested in exploring your sexuality on your own, use this time to remember that true freedom comes from giving yourself the permission to learn more about you. The journey to finding your sexual self is just that – a journey. So this Fourth of July, (regardless if single or attached!) use this new-found freedom to create some fireworks between the sheets!

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