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Last week I shared some ideas on how to take a vacation for one to remember. With summer in full swing, below are some ideas of how to get away with the one you love.

Planning a vacation can be exciting and fun, especially when you are going to enjoy it with someone you love. Taking a reprieve away from your major obligations can be rejuvenating, and separating yourself from the stress that can accompany those obligations will give you time to sit back, relax and enjoy your significant other without a lot of distractions. Just remember, when you are packing for your trip, don’t forget to pack items that will enhance your intimate life, too! Your “vacation for two” can be hot and steamy…and I’m not referring to the summer sun!

Make the planning process as fun as possible by including your significant other on all the details. Sit down together and discuss the various things you want to do on your vacation. You can look up excursions, restaurants, theaters, and activities available in the location you plan to visit. This can incite excitement for the upcoming trip, but it will also be an opportunity to communicate both of your expectations for your vacation.

During this planning process think about incorporating some sexy accessories to keep your vacation hot from start to finish. Pure Romance carries everything from lotions, lubricants and bedroom accessories, to sexy lingerie that can bring out your inner vixen! You might be the type of gal who enjoys surprising her partner, but it can also be fun foreplay to select different Pure Romance products as a couple for your vacation. Selecting intimacy-enhancing products with each other can build anticipation and excitement for when you actually get the chance to use them together. Whether you plan to surprise your mate, or let them in on planning the intimate aspect of your vacation, every product in our line has the capacity to make your vacation much more exciting!

When you are packing for your trip, make sure to include your “vacation for two” essentials! Here are some fantastic suggestions for your travel bag:

Mini Nights of Passion
This travel-friendly passion set is sure to make your hotel room hot. The one ounce bottles will fit conveniently in your shower bag, and the variety can truly enhance all aspects of your sexuality. Many of Pure Romance’s staple products come in this set including Coochy, Body Dew, Sensations, and Lickity Stiff.

After a day in the sun at the pool or the beach you will want to shower, and what better way to get your skin smooth, moisturized and smelling good than with two of the amazing products that come in this kit. Coochy, a rash free shave cream, will make your skin smooth and oh-so-touchable. When you get out of the shower Body Dew, an all-over body oil spray, will moisturize your skin and make you smell irresistible. Once your partner sees your sexy new glow and gets close enough to indulge in your sexy scent, it won’t be long before he will want to explore your entire body. Sensations, another product that comes in the Mini Nights of Passion, is a warming lubricant that gets warm when you rub it and hot when you blow on it. This is a fantastic lubricant to incorporate into foreplay. Another wonderful foreplay lubricant that comes in this set is Lickity Stiff; it will have him begging for more! Lickity Stiff is formulated with mint oil, so it will increase the blood flow to the shaft of the penis making him more sensitive to touch. You should definitely pack an Everyday Lubricant for your vacation for two, and Just Like Me is the perfect one for any woman. This odorless and flavorless lubricant is gentle enough for most women.

Aura (sensual massage oil mini set)
These mini massage oils will be perfect for that sensual massage. Massage is a great way to communicate with your partner without having to say a word, and the variety of scents, including eucalyptus lavender, ginger jasmine and seductive sage, are sure to set the mood.

Date Night Game
I collaborated with a team of experts to create this game specifically for couples! It is the ultimate way reconnect and open the lines of communication in your relationship. This game will get things really heated by giving you suggestions and prompts to try new things and expose deep fantasies to one another. Look at this card game as the best foreplay you have ever experienced, and it can last as long as you both want!

Jelly Tool Belt
I cannot stress the value of a good c-ring in your sex life. Not only does it add a little spice to your intimate life, but the majority of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. This intimacy enhancement toy will provide clitoral stimulation to the female partner, while the c-ring restricts blood flow in the shaft of the penis so he can maintain his erection for longer. The small vibrating bullet comes out, which means you can use this to stimulate different areas of the body before or after using the Jelly Tool Belt; it’s like two toys in one. In fact, it’s actually three in one, because you can also use the bullet or c-ring independently!

By taking the time to discuss your trip with your partner and packing the proper essentials you will ensure that your vacation for two is that much more exciting. Happy Travels!

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