Six Ways to Feel Sexier This Summer

Maybe it was that I was born in August at the height of summer, or maybe it’s just the beautiful sunshine-filled days and relaxing reveries by the pool – whatever the reasoning, summertime has always held a special place in my heart. Most of us have fond memories of summer breaks away from school and outdoor activities that stretched well into the night. Well, there’s no reason that you should lose that carefree feeling just because you’re now a hard-working adult. Summer is less than a few weeks away, so kick off your shoes and let down your hair! Below are some tips for feeling sexy this summer. I have a hunch that by doing things that make you feel sensual, you will create the sort of sex appeal that promises for sultry summer nights!

  • Spray Between The Sheets on your bed linens to create a soft and heavenly-scented haven, but don’t just stop there! Sleep in the nude – with all of the windows open to let the summer air breeze over you.
  • Wear sexy lingerie under your clothes to everyday events like the grocery store or a summer picnic.
  • Prepare a feast of aphrodisiacs, focusing on foods like peaches, bananas and vanilla ice cream that will cool you and wet your palette.
  • Transform bath-time into a sensual delight, with the Romance Bubbles, and the Pulsa Bath Ball.
  • Add a new twist to chores by doing your house-cleaning in the buff.
  • Find a cozy spot under a tree, at your favorite park, and bury yourself in a sexy, erotic novel.

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