Post-Marital Bliss

This is the time of year when matrimonial bliss takes place: wedding season. Enjoying my dinner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I looked over to see a young bride and her new husband getting pictures taken in front of the golf course to document their special day. The waitress came over to hand me my drink and commented on the scene we were witnessing, exclaiming, “If only we could keep that honeymoon stage alive forever!” She and I talked for a bit and I learned that she was 28, married with two young children, working through graduate school and more than interested in learning ways to increase the intimacy in her own marriage.

Intimacy is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives, but sometimes daily stresses and responsibilities tend to interfere with intimacy. The good news is that there are several things a couple can do to bring the spice back to the bedroom.

One way to incite some sexual energy is to shake things up a bit by breaking your routine! This is a lot easier said than done, but it can make a huge impact between the sheets. It is easy to fall into a routine; after all, they are comfortable and familiar. Trying a new position or incorporating a bedroom accessory is a great way for some couples to alter the monotony of their intimate life. This can open up the lines of communication and create a closer bond between you and your partner. The Complete Manual of Sexual Positions, offered through the Pure Romance line, is an exciting and educational read providing over 175 sexual positions for couples. Both of you can discuss the positions that you feel will be the most enjoyable or exciting, and make a plan to try them out. Set aside time at least once a week to try a new position. Experimenting and trying new things can often lead to increased sex drive and a stronger connection between you and your significant other.

Trying a new bedroom accessory is also a fun way to open the lines of communication and keep the relationship from becoming stagnant. This allows couples to share fantasies and desires and introduce novelty into the relationship. When it comes to trying a new toy, I recommend Pure Romance’s Jelly Tool Belt. This is a vibrating c-ring that can be used during lovemaking. The vibrating bullet comes out of the c-ring, so it can be used during foreplay to stimulate each other. Over 80% of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm and the majority of positions people engage in during intercourse don’t always stimulate that hot spot. The Jelly Tool Belt is designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation while constricting blood flow in the penis, which will make him last longer so she can achieve pleasure for a longer period of time. The vibrating power will stimulate the shaft of the penis and the testicles, so both partners experience different types of stimulation in addition to the normal pleasure achieved during intercourse.

Changing the routine in the bedroom is a great way to spark interest in intimate relations with your partner. However, it’s also very important to feeling good about yourself in order to enjoy those intimate encounters. One way to do this is to exercise. Exercising can boost your sex drive and make you feel more confident in your physical appearance. These two factors are vital to our intimate lives. Try exercising for 30 minutes, three days a week. When we work out, endorphins are released in the brain, making us feel good, energized and more confident. Exercising is also great way to increase circulation, which is important for the sexual cycle. When we are aroused, blood flows to the genitals; having healthy circulation may help increase a person’s sex drive. You will also feel more confident and sexy since you are doing something good for your body and health. Boosting your self-esteem in general can increase your sexual desire, making it easier and more exciting to slip your clothes off and just feel altogether more comfortable in your own skin.

When you and your partner go out to dinner together, make sure you don’t over indulge. When you eat a large meal, the blood flow will increase to your stomach to aid in digestion, in turn slowing down the blood flow to the genital area. When you go out to dinner, or if you plan to make dinner for your partner, choose light meals instead of heavy meals. You could go out for your favorite meal, or learn to make a meal together as a couple. This is a great way to bond with your partner, which may help increase desire. There is also a misperception about alcohol consumption. Some people think it will increase their sex drive, when in reality it does the opposite. More than one alcoholic beverage can dehydrate you and reduce circulation in the genital area, making it much more difficult to reach orgasm. If you stick to one drink at dinner, you will decrease inhibitions and still preserve the sensation necessary for an enjoyable sexual experience.

Libido can impact our intimate life in a major way. As women our libido fluctuates throughout the month depending on a number of factors. There are so many variables that can affect a woman’s libido: stress, medications, childbirth, illness, as well as our mental and emotional state. Using an arousal cream can increase sexual desire and pleasure. An arousal cream will increase the blood flow to the clitoral area, engorging it with blood. This will this make the clitoris more sensitive to touch, helping to increase the opportunity for orgasm during sexual activity. Pure Romance carries three different types of arousal creams and selecting the right arousal cream is important. Arousal creams are designed to enhance the nerve rich areas of the erogenous zone and to speed up the arousal process. They all have their own specific functionalities.

Ex-T-Cee is designed for women who have never used an arousal cream before. This is a great product for women who don’t need a lot of added stimulation to the clitoris. It is edible, which makes it a great product for oral favors. Mint oil is the active ingredient in this product, which will give the genitals a tingling sensation. The mint oil will open up the blood vessels and help elevate the physiological response that occurs during arousal, so it can speed up the arousal process for most users. To use Ex-T-Cee, apply a pea-sized amount to the clitoris.

Nympho Niagra is more intense than Ex-T-Cee because it has menthol in it, which is stronger than mint oil. It is flavorless, fragrance free and colorless, which makes it ideal for a woman who is prone to infection. This is a good arousal cream for women struggling with low libido due to birth control or stress. To use Nympho Niagra, apply a pea-sized amount to the clitoris.

X-Scream is the most intense arousal cream because it has twice the amount of menthol in it than Nympho Niagra. This is designed for women struggling with low libido due to anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, surgery and childbirth to name a few. X-Scream is flavored, so it can enhance oral favors. Due to the high potency of menthol in this product, it is unisex, so men can benefit from this product as well. To use Apply a pea size amount to the clitoral area. Men should apply a pea-sized amount to the the genital area.

It is easy to get into a routine, but remember to fit your romantic life into your schedule. There are three simple things to keep in mind for those of you in a new relationship, as well as those of you in a long-lasting one: try new things with each other, participate in activities to increase confidence and don’t be afraid to explore your erogenous zones with products such as arousal creams. Feel free to visit to shop around for different intimacy items for you and your partner to keep your love life fresh and exciting!

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