Intimacy on “Standby”

While unwinding on the plane on my way to Chicago, a female in her early 30s sat down next to me. Throughout the duration of the flight we talked, exchanging casual information such as why we were headed to Chicago, where we reside and what we do for a living. After learning that I am the CEO of Pure Romance and an advocate for enhancing the lives of women, we started discussing the many factors that often impact the sexual fulfillment of women and couples alike.

It’s not uncommon for women to find reassurance through Pure Romance so she soon felt comfortable enough to inquire about a personal issue she was experiencing with her significant other. Little did she know, the issue she was confronting was fairly common, and there are many things she and her partner can do to address their concerns.

This young, healthy woman and her partner were experiencing the negative consequences of erectile dysfunction in their relationship. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is fairly common among men, although it is more common among older men. ED was causing stress in their relationship for a variety of reasons. He found himself avoiding sexual encounters more and more frequently, and as a result she was beginning to take his behavior personally. I reassured her that occasional ED is nothing to be concerned about, but I recommended having her partner visit his health care provider if it continues to interfere with their relationship. Men who experience ED for an extended period of time may have underlying health conditions that need to be evaluated by a medical professional; these conditions include high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, to name a few. Some other causes of ED include certain medications, tobacco use, stress, fatigue and depression.

There are many options for treatment for ED, including medications like Viagra. However, Pure Romance offers several products that are great alternatives if you are looking for other treatment methods for ED. A popular product to help with erectile dysfunction could be one of Pure Romance’s arousal creams. Using an arousal cream can increase blood flow to the genitals, which can help men achieve and sustain an erection. X-Scream is a unisex arousal cream, and an ideal product to use for men because of its high level of potency.

Applying the arousal cream appropriately is directly related to its effectiveness, so I suggested to my new jet-setting friend to dispense just a pea size amount into her hand and separate it in to thirds. A third should be placed on the head of the penis, a third on the shaft of the penis and a third on the testicles. Not only will this increase blood flow, enabling the man to get an erection, it will arouse the nerve endings on his penis making him more sensitive to touch. Men with ED can also use a male stimulator to help increase blood flow to the penis to help with erections. Products with a lot of suction, like the Lavender Lover, are ideal for men struggling to get and maintain an erection. With any of our male stimulators I recommend using a lubricant such as Whipped or Lickity Stiff for added comfort and satisfaction.

So often I see people struggling with concerns about their intimate lives, simply because they are afraid to talk about them. Talking with this young woman made me realize just how common it is for people to silently persevere hurdles in their sex life because they don’t feel that there is a comfortable place to ask questions about them. If you are experiencing any sexual trial in your relationship, or if you just have questions regarding your personal sexual health, feel free to email me! Just visit “Ask Patty” at I continue to find fulfillment in helping women and their partners get the answers they deserve.

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