It’s a Family Affair

This morning we interviewed with a reporter out of Dayton for their local news station; the majority of the questions pertained to our TLC reality pilot Mother Knows Sex and how it was for my children growing up with a mom who owned a company of this “nature”.

You can imagine how people’s jaws sometimes drop when they discover that Pure Romance is a family business, but this is usually before they’ve had the opportunity to learn about what Pure Romance does and how it is helping women and couples everywhere.

Similar to how our Consultants are with their young children, I was always extremely discreet about Pure Romance until they were adults. When they were of age, I always encouraged open lines of communication. It was important to me that they always felt they could speak honestly and openly with me about topics regarding their health and intimacy. It’s always made me so disheartened when I think about children who are ashamed or embarrassed to talk with their parents about these topics because they are an important part of life and should be properly addressed.

Today, all four of my children work in different departments of Pure Romance and share my passion for providing a safe platform for women to discuss intimacy and their sexual health. We are truly committed to giving women the answers they deserve along with high quality products and an informative, fun and one-of-a-kind experience through our parties.

For those of you who live in the Dayton area, please tune into Fox 45 / ABC 22 this Sunday to watch the news segment on our family!

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