You’re Not Alone

I was recently talking with a group of business women at a local event when I realized just how little information women receive about such a common life occurrence as menopause. So many women have suffered in silence in the past and it astounds and frustrates me that even in this day and age women are still not getting answers when it comes to their bodies and sexual health! This was definitely a motivating force behind me writing Pure Romance Between the Sheets in that I wanted to give women permission to learn more about themselves not just as young women but also as they mature into their later years, as well.

This particular group of professional women was asking me questions which reminded me of an Intimacy Issue I tackled in chapter 7 of my book – “Ever since I hit fifty, I am all dried up.” Like many women, they were desperate for validation that the “change” they were experiencing was normal and they were not alone.

Menopause can definitely bring about changes – and often, challenges – for our bodies and our sex lives. About 80% of women who are postmenopausal experience some type of issue with their sexuality. That is 8 out of 10 women! Many of the women I was talking to expressed their concerns in dealing with vaginal dryness, fluctuating hormones, decreased blood flow to their pelvic area, burning or irritation and even night sweats. All of these things impact a woman’s ability to experience arousal.

But there is hope! I made sure to inform all of the women inquiring that they first need to invest in a good water-based, water-soluble lubricant, like Pure Romance’s lubricants Just Like Me or Sweet Seduction. But for women experiencing menopause, just a lubricant may not be enough. I also recommended that they try a vaginal moisturizer, such as Pure Romance’s Fresh Start, 2-3 times per week in conjunction with their lubricant. Using a water-based lubricant and a vaginal moisturizer will actually help to counteract some of the negative side effects of menopause, including vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Again, I was amazed and touched by the wonderfully warm responses I received from these women. Their subsequent E-mails and phone calls thanking me reminded me why I got into this business in the first place. Each women deserves the chance to feel comfortable with the changes in her body, all we need is a little bit of education and some great resources!

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