Join Us for a Great Cause!

This is perhaps the most exciting week of the year for the Patty Brisben Foundation, and maybe the most hectic, as we put the final touches on what we think will be a fantastic evening for the 13th annual Patty Brisben Foundation Gala coming up Saturday evening at Greenacres Arts Center.

As you know, this is the major fundraiser of the year for the Foundation, which supports women’s sexual health and well-being through research and education. Last year we raised more than $240,000 for research and advancements in women’s sexual health, and we want this year to be just as big!

This year’s theme, “New York State of Mind,” should be lots of fun for our guests, but we want to remind everyone that there is a serious mission behind our event: To raise awareness and funding for important matters involving women’s sexual health.

Our hashtag, #sexualhealthmatters, has brought that mission home with our speaker series held in Cincinnati when we bring in sexual health experts and medical professionals to discuss resources for issues impacting women’s sexual health. The series has been a big success so far, and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

If you have your tickets to Saturday’s Gala, we’ll see you there! If not, we have a few tickets available—just visit the Patty Brisben Foundation Facebook page to learn more. And to find out what we do to help women around the world, click on And we’ll see you at the party!

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