Sexual Health DOES Matter

We’ve just wrapped up another awesome National Training here in Cincinnati and as you can see by our pictures on Instagram, we had a fabulous time! But we also got some serious work done and were able to get our Consultants on board with our #SexualHealthMatters campaign.

If you were there, you know that we want to make the conversation about our sexual health not dirty, not embarrassing, but part of the normal discourse among health professionals. Our #SexualHealthMatters hashtag is a reminder that women can be embarrassed to death, literally, by not feeling comfortable when they talk about their own sexual health.

An article from the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto is a good way to start the conversation about women’s sexual health, starting with the basics. “Having the freedom to choose how to express yourself sexually (or how not to) is an important part of a woman’s sexual health,” the article begins.

“Sexual health also means understanding your body and how it works,” the article continues. “Women who understand their bodies can make better choices about the sexual activities that they enjoy. They can also choose to become pregnant or they can choose to avoid it. Being knowledgeable about sexually transmitted infections can help women protect themselves and their partners from disease.

“Understanding your body is an important part of sexual health, but sexual health also involves being comfortable with yourself and your sexual desires. It means having healthy relationships with others. Sexual health can also mean learning to identify and leave violent or abusive relationships and learning to cope with the after effects of such relationships.”

The article then branches off into different headers, including the female body, birth control, safer sex and the like. All of them have great information to get the conversation going about sexual health. There’s a reason why, at the doctor’s office, you’re often asked about your sex life, whether you feel depressed and whether you feel safe in your home environment. Sometimes, simple questions like that can get the conversation going when we may be hesitant to do so otherwise.

Sexual health is not a dirty word. It’s an important conversation we all need to have, and we at the Patty Brisben Foundation are working to make sure it’s out in the open. That’s why we’re having a series of conversations in the Greater Cincinnati area throughout the year dealing with women’s sexual health, with our next one coming up Tuesday, September 25 from 6-8 p.m. Save the date, with details coming soon!

Want to read more about women’s sexual health or direct some of your clients to this resource? Check out the full article here.

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